Weekend Wandering and Life is Good

I have so many pictures to share!!  Saturday became a birthday celebration one day early for two reasons, 1) I leave on a trip to Seattle on Sunday and,  2) Un-Patient Husband couldn’t wait.

I got to open some presents.  Now let me preface this – PH never does the ‘standard’ birthday gifts.  He is always on the hunt for something unusual.  My first package was this:

Any ideas?


Neither did I.

Its a time capsule.   Yep.  I am to fill it with whatever I want :  pictures, newspaper, whatever I think of and then we will bury it somewhere.   Now that is cool.




Not cool.

Luckily There was a pile more of things from books to camera accessories to special socks to help my feet.

Then out to dinner for some very yummy Mahi Mahi in the neighboring town of Buffalo.  Buffalo is the town that author Craig Johnson based his books and television show “Longmire” on.  Every year the actors come to town and celebrate Longmire Days.



They take it very seriously.



They also have beautiful murals and bronze statues:

IMG_0014 IMG_0009



and if you ever had an urge to be a sheep herder, we can set you up:



We took a nice drive around our county because the weather was beautiful and well so is the scenery.


I’m a sucker for hay bale pictures.



Can you spot them hiding in the grass?




And daddy:



More family photos:



I swear to you – he is real.


Thank goodness for the zoom.  I worried a little about that look in his eyes.


Cuz he’s so cute:



Polo horses:



Watch out!!

On our fence at home:



Then because it had been a long day and I guess I’m much older now, it was time for some energy renewal:


It was a great day.  Can you believe that we can see all that wildlife in just ONE evening drive?


It’s Sunday now and I have opened some family cards and packages, talked to  all the Grandchildren (who sing the very best rendition of Happy Birthday Nana) and drinking a cup of steaming coffee.  Life is good.

I am headed to Billings, Montana to catch a flight to Seattle.  I will be there until Friday working on a cold case for the Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

Thank you all for your well wishes – they mean so much.




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