Weekend warriors all around me.

Saturday morning started early with a busy few hours of work.  By the time I was heading home the sun was out and it was in the high 60s.  I saw some of my friends along side the road.  Ive never been to Turkey, but apparently I am fluent in the language.


Sometimes on a nice sunny day, this is the most you can do:


I wanted to start getting the horses out and remind them of a few things.  Today’s lesson was getting a bath.  First, Banjo, with Durango watching.


Then when I went to get Durango…..


He seemed to be saying “what do YOU want?”

Both horses did very well, and as all you fellow horse owners know……they don’t like being clean.



The good weather brought out a lot of these going up to the mountain trails.


When we came inside, there appeared to be an important meeting, or maybe it was an exorcism.  Jill is definitely the ‘look-out’.



Today’s training was a 40-minute cross-training.  So I did the Insanity ‘Plyometric Cardio Circuit’.   I probably should have picked one with less cardio since it was supposed to be a cross-training day.  One huge accomplishment, though, was that I did all the pushups!  First time since my hand surgery!



After my workout I had my new all-favorite dinner.  Sweet potato with shredded chicken and bar-b-q sauce.  Yum.  I learned this from fellow blogger, Janae.



You’ll love this:


90-Year-Old Chicago Runner Finally Earns Age Group Award

Though most age group categories in the race have five-year brackets, until last year the oldest was 80-plus. When Taylor turned 90, he asked race organizers for a new division so he would no longer have to compete with men nearly 10 years his junior.

They agreed, and on Sunday Taylor claimed the top and only spot, finishing in 1:21:33—it was the first time in all the years he’s participated in the event that he claimed first place in his age group.  Now, how cute are they???



I got a message today from someone close who said they lost 15 pounds recently and was motivated by this blog!  Wow,  that made me feel amazing.  Thanks.




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