Weekend Watching, Working, Running and Glad to be Home

I hope you all had a nice, relaxing weekend.  I left Vail, Colorado on Friday morning and headed home.  The trip (7-1/2 hours) was fairly uneventful except for the fact that I finished my audio book and listened to several episodes of a podcast (Someone Knows Something).



I passed this sign and it seemed a little threatening – don’t you think?



A couple of guys who were very happy to see me.


A new plant from my sister made it home in one piece.  Love it.



After working Saturday, the two of us hit some much needed work around the house.  I took my annual poppy picture from down the road.



Then just the first of many future hay bale pictures.


Can anyone get tired of baby pictures?


This morning I decided to (finally) go out for a run.  I went out on a trail that is quite close to the house.  It made me remember how great trail running is.  I don’t know why, but it could be because of the change in terrain and I feel more energetic than when I am on the pavement.


There is quite a climb at the beginning of the trail but look at the view!


There is even a nice place to sit if you can’t catch your breath. Just sayin’…….


We binge-watched the latest season of House Of Cards this weekend.  Anyone else?   Then, when Patient Husband went to sleep I got to watch more of The Good Wife.  What will I do when I get through all the seasons of this show?  Anyone got another series for me to start?


Are you ready for this horrifying news?   I am working every.single.day this week.  I hope my strength holds out.   Here’s wishing you a great Monday.  It’s up to you.


One step at a time,





One thought on “Weekend Watching, Working, Running and Glad to be Home

  1. Anne, Beautiful photos! I remember those plants that Sue gave you at her house…beautiful. Watched House of cards also…think they have gone to far with some issues but interesting how it sometimes feels too real!! I will have to start watching the good wife series, I guess. Good luck working everyday this week..Yikes!

    Going to CB this week and meeting with architect and Rick & Laurie will be there also. We may go through Newport on way home on Sunday..Ryan has a lifting meet and if we do will see Amanda too! Looking forward to it all!
    Love and miss you,


    Life is precious, life is fragile and life is short. Live each day with kindness & mindfulness.

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