Weekend Wonders and Monday Musings

Rain, rain and more rain.  Usually we are very happy to see rain here.  But oh, why couldn’t we have had this during the early summer?  But while we were staring out the window, Montana was getting this:This was taken this past weekend.  Hopefully it is helping with the wildfires.

Since I try to be at work by 7:00 a.m., my morning runs have turned into working out on the dreaded treadmill.  I will say that the workouts I’m following make it slightly easier because every 2 to 3 minutes I am changing the speed.  So between that and watching a t.v. show it makes it …..well, bearable.

I wonder if this would work for me?


I’m pretty sure pizza or a  DQ blizzard and I would be flying!




After reading an article about using a hackamore bridle (a bridle with no bit), I got very excited to try this with my horses.  A friend suggested that I might want to try to make one out of a rope halter to see how I like it.  (They can be expensive).  So one evening while it was raining, I went out to the barn to get what I needed.

And there in the back of my tack room is a hackamore!  Sad, huh?  I don’t even know what I have in that barn! 

Now I am just waiting for the ground to dry up so I can start working with it.


Meanwhile I have solved a mystery.  I have twice planted flowers into some boxes on my patio.  They are eaten and even dragged out of the flower boxes!  I thought maybe the dogs were doing this because it would be too hard for the bunnies.

And then……

Totally caught red-handed.


A pretty morning view from the patio.

Morning traffic.

On Sunday I had to drive Patient Husband to Denver.  After dropping him off, I turned around and headed the 6 hours back.  But I was prepared.


Intense back seat driver.

And Luna in her chosen spot. 


Three plain hamburgers and a large coffee and we were ready to go.

I even finished a complete audio book!  NYPD Red by James Patterson.  The hours flew by.


Loved the look of the clouds low on the mountains today.


Time for a nap when the rain finally stopped.


I hope the beginning of your week started well and all your goals get met !


One step at a time,



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