Weekend Work, worries, and wild moments.

I worked all day Friday and it was hard to concentrate, what with all my list making.  But for once when I got home I was filled with energy.  So I did lots and lots of floor scrubbing making up for all those times I kept saying “I should wash the floors but….”

This is how they say it should be when you wash the floors:
See how she is smiling?EcltohMopSetGirlWeb

We all know THIS is how real life looks:


Then it was on to ironing.  I do remember what it is, I just wasn’t sure where that equipment was.  Soon I was ironing like a pro.  I had a ton to do – knowing that when I get to the hotel I’ll be re-ironing.  Oh well.  Wanna hear something amazing?  My Mom used to iron everything, including the bedsheets!



Poor little Luna.  She didn’t feel good at all last night.  I guess she ate one too many piles of horse poop.  Does ANYone know how to make them stop that???  Anyway, she spent most of the evening in my closet.


Even Gus was worried about her.  (sorry about the zombie eyes)



Finally after all the ironing – I had to fit everything into the suitcase.  I actually googled packing because if there is any way to save all that ironing time, I all about it.  What I found is should I roll?  Should I fold?  Should I bundle wrap?  Bundle wrap???????  Let’s just say I believe I did a bit of rolling, folding and bundling.  I’ll let you know tomorrow night when I unpack which one worked!

I hope your weekend has gotten off to a good start.  Next time you hear from me I should be in Alexandria, Virginia.  Unless of course, TSA makes me miss a flight and then I might be writing you from the floor of some airport….




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