Welcome February!

The first of the month.  Wow.  That means one more month closer to spring.  And guess what is tomorrow?  Groundhog Day.  There’s a couple of things about Groundhog Day.  First, I really liked the movie.  It’s just a classic.


Second, I only believe that rodent if he says there is going to be more winter.  Because let’s face it, that’s the only time he’s actually telling the truth.  Whenever he predicts spring is coming soon, I just say “Liar, Phil.  Liar!”  Yes, I say this out loud because otherwise he wouldn’t be able to hear me.


Did you know that it’s a multiple day of festivities surrounding Phil?  Yes. The full Schedule of Events can be found here.   But let me fill you in.  It started last Saturday with a breakfast, then the crowning of Mr. and Mrs. Groundhog, followed by ….what else?  The Groundhog Ball masquerade.   The next few day are filled with food, arts and crafts, entertainment, and much, much more.

And you just thought it was a sleepy groundhog poking his head outside.


No one around here was to crawl outside at all.  It’s Freezing!

The snow and wind forecast was pretty close.  We got somewhere around 6 or more inches.  It was also super cold – negative temperatures.  The windows were all decorated (I like to think positively) with snow.


Nothing stops these dogs.  Gus’s coat seems to shed the snow and ice.  But the doodles’ coat just grabs it like velcro.


The cats, on the other hand just think the dogs are dumb.


You know I can’t post this without a picture of the snow.  This was taken between home and work this morning.



Have you ever wanted to try something, but just can’t bring yourself to jump in?  Oh just DO IT already!!



One step at a time,





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