What a difference a day Makes

I know I have been amiss on my postings.  I must take you back to Wednesday and then bring you up to date.   I beg your forgiveness.


When we woke up Wednesday morning, it was torrential rain.   After we ate breakfast it was still raining.  Let me shorten this story.  It rained ALL freakin’ day and all night long.   There was no respite.  The wind blew against the big windows like we were experiencing a hurricane.  We kept telling ourselves “yea but its better to experience this in Maui than anywhere else”.   (I know, we didn’t believe that either)

All we could do was watch movies back to back.  Hacksaw Ridge, The Accountant,  and Birth of a Nation.  Thank goodness we are family.  Not saying we were grumpy or on edge, but we were grumpy and on edge.


Even Romeo took cover:



Then came Thursday.  Amazing.  What a difference a day makes.  Up early and out for our walk/run to Big Ass Coffee.  Then off to Lahaina (pronounced Lah-Hi-Na) Village for a shopping excursion.  Oh and what fun it was!

Actually we went in some super stores and got great things – even after Patient Husband had vowed “no shopping” before we left home.

When we stopped for lunch, we got a great seat right on the water, where we could see sailboats and a huge cruise ship.

About 30 minutes later, we saw this:

I can now give you a piece of advice.   If you ever see a ‘ghost’ ship like this…… RUN FOR COVER!!

Within minutes all the people at the restaurant were engulfed in a downpour.

When this happens, you settle into a new table with a roof overhead and eat Hula Pie.  Then…….go shopping.


Back at our condo that night, we watched that same cruise ship go by.


I hope you are enjoying your trip with me in Maui!

One step at a time,




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