What a Trip!!

If I was getting a grade on my posts, I would definitely lose all points for late submissions.    “But I’m so tired” or “the time change killed me” probably wouldn’t help.  So let’s back up to Tuesday!

Tuesday was my last day with my son and his family.  The more I listened to Ahnika the more I decided she was saying Gammy.  hmmm.  When she was in the pool, she would spot me up in the observation area and yell “Gammy!  Gammy!”    Yep I loved it.   The two little ones and Gammy/Nana (how else do I describe myself when I have two names?) went for a long walk to the library.  When Ahnika got in the ‘children’s room’, she immediately kicked off her shoes, put her dollies in a chair and made herself very comfortable.  She knows how to take full advantage of the library environment.

The Pride of Baltimore docked for one day in town and we were able to walk aboard.  An amazing ship.

IMG_0194 IMG_0191 IMG_0186



Something (not just the name) about this boat caught my eye .



Then what would be a visit without finishing up with Pie Face?



oops forgot to wipe off that last bit…..



Yesterday morning, poor Sarah had the job of leaving for the airport with me at 3:30 a.m.!  I had a fantastic seat  (comfort +) and felt like I was in first class!  Unfortunately there was an electrical generator problem and this is what arrived to repair it.



Almost an hour later, we were taking off.  I forgot how it felt to be up in the clouds.



I had to run from terminal to terminal to catch my next plane that was already boarding.  Picture an old woman running/limping/hopping/grimacing as fast as she can.  That would be me.  It was a strong reminder that my heel is no better than 2-1/2 weeks ago.

The Utah race on July 30th does not look like a possibility for me any more.  Very disappointing     hugely upsetting for me.



I had a wonderful trip in 3 very different phases.  But it’s always good to be on that drive home.






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