Where did the time go?

It’s Friday and this is the LAST weekend before Christmas weekend.  Wait, what happened to the fall?  What happened to ‘getting ready for Christmas’?  Yikes, it’s here!

Here are my 5 things on my Holiday to-do list and the status:

Decorations.  Done.   

This is my favorite part – at least the indoor decorations.  The house looks so pretty I always hate to take them down.  This year, I tried something new outside.  Usually I’m out there with the ladder, the icicle lights in a big heap and its somewhere around negative 45º.  This year I took advice from a friend and bought these spotlights.  They are laser lights that shower the house with these red and green snowflakes.  The best part?  You set them out front, plug them in and voila – instant outdoor decorations.  One problem.  When the snow falls and the drifts come in – laser lights are all covered up.  No more outdoor decorations showing this year.


Shopping.  Done.  
Although the dreamy visions of walking on sidewalks while the snow is gently falling and buying all the Christmas gifts while listening to carols is a nice thought,  in reality it’s me sitting in front of my laptop dragging items to the shopping cart.  It’s a lot warmer and the variety is much bigger.    I can sit in my sweats, drink coffee and have everything shipped direct.  Geez, sounds depressing now that I type it.  Well I did get out and shop in the stores, too.  It’s just that when I see things I like, I buy one for me, too.  Very dangerous and expensive.



Christmas Cards.  Done
We ordered them this year and all have been mailed.  I know that I forgot at least 4 or 5 or a 50 people……




Wrapping.   NOT done. 
Well that’s partially wrong.  I wrapped everything that had to be wrapped and mailed out.   But the things for Patient Husband?  Nope.  They are stuffed under and inside a variety of places.  But he works all this weekend at night, so the plan is to take care of everything this weekend.




Christmas Dinner Planned.   Sorta, kinda. 
Huh? First I planned that we would take a day off our Whole30 diet.  I was planning yummy foods.  Cinnamon buns, waffles for breakfast and a yummy dinner.  And of course cookies and hot chocolate during the day.  SOMEone said no.  We need to stick to the plan. So then I planned a day consisting of healthy food minus all those nice sweets.   And now we wait and see if PH will have to work or not.




The Christmas carol I’ve been singing is:  

All I want for Christmas is my two good feet…….



How are you doing on your to-do lists?      If you find yourself or a loved one crying – take a hint from this video:


Have a great beginning to your weekend.

One step at a time,


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