Where Do Marshmallows Come From and Other Important Facts

Yesterday I drove PH to the airport so he could get back to work.  Both of us can’t play all day – someone has to work!

Then I headed towards my Daughter and Son-in-law’s house on the coast.  Amanda is now 32 weeks pregnant and we need to get some work done on the nursery!

On the way through the countryside, I finally found where they grow marshmallows.


Now I’m craving a s’more.  Anybody out there have a jumbo graham cracker?


I think this guy leaves just as powerful a message as Smokey.


Just some pretty countryside


I tried to zoom in as much as possible, but this person had a rubber fish on his hitch.  And as he drove, the fish flopped back and forth and looked very real!


Soon I was on the coast and couldn’t wait to take pictures.


PH sent me pictures of his view out our Wyoming window.  The weather was predicting snow.


This morning I got up and went for a run.  Just two miles but it was down near the water and past tons of cute shops and restaurants.  


There are hills here!  Who would have figured hilly roads by the beach.  OK this might be an exaggeration…


I felt great afterward and relaxed on the front porch with my coffee


And there were beautiful flowers to enjoy….


Then I took my two friends…

for a ride along the coast.


Tomorrow might be quite busy, so I’m off to bed.  Hope you have a great Thursday.

One Step at a Time,





Pretty sure that 97% of things I worry about never actually end up happening….




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