Winding Down on Wednesday

My intention was to get up and out early, but you know how it is.  Life got in the way.  So somewhere around noon I drove downtown for my run.  I was surprised that even in the heat I didn’t seem to mind.  I had a little trouble with my GPS.  I checked it at one point and it said 2.83 (my goal was 3 miles).  I ran around the block up another hill and checked it again.  2.83.  What???  Apparently it got paused. So I ran maybe an extra 1/2 mile which isn’t a big deal but I sure don’t want that to happen on a long run.


My schedule has me running 2 miles tomorrow and then done until the weekend.


I worked for a while on the computer but it was beautiful out and Gus kept saying,  “Please can we go outside?”



I know this is a lousy picture, but I just can’t believe how big the doodles are!



I have several to-do lists.  One list is for things I need to organize for my new job; one list is for preparing for my race; and another for well numerous other things I need to get done.  Today I was able to cross off things on all 3 lists.  At least its a start.

Did I mention Patient Husband caught my cold?  Well when he caught it, he ran full blast with it.  He feels miserable.  (all you gals out there – you know how it is when a man gets a cold…)



I want you to see what my kitchen looks like at dinner time:


Note that Gus never loses control of his toys.


You just never know who will be your next teacher:



Have a great day – keep moving, keep learning.


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