Wintery Wyoming Weekend

Brrrrrrr.   Is everyone freezing?  We had our own blizzard starting on Thursday night.  This is how it looked on my way to work early Friday morning.


Then during the day, it just kept coming down.

Somewhere out this window is a road!


And the temperatures just kept dropping.

But we weren’t alone.  All over the country, blizzards were hitting.    But when I saw -25º outside……yikes.    Hey all I had to do was wrap up in my blanket and that’s exactly what I did.

Gus is our Driver-side seat warmer.


Jake went for his final visit to the Vet for his leg and and foot.  He was completely released – no more bandages and splints!  YAY!   But he is so used to limping that he has continued to walk very gently on that leg.   Finally, I was able to give him a bath.  The first one since he was hit by the truck.   Of course, as I was bathing him in the tub, I had Gus to my left and Luna to my right watching closely.


I found some running signs that I can totally relate to.

Without a doubt.


Um.  Yea.

No doubt.



Monday we are heading to Vail, Colorado.  It’s time to get the cast off!!  Keep your fingers crossed that the clear weather that is forecast stays clear.  We also can’t take all 3 dogs, so the decision must be made – who goes to the kennel and who accompanies us.

Maybe that’s why Jake is limping – the “poor, injured Jake”  idea.

Gus is using the “I’m the best behaved dog” idea.

And, Luna is using the “I could possibly still be in heat, don’t leave me!”


I will update you on the lottery !

One step at a time,






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