Working, Playing, and Shopping for those things you need

Today I had to work a whole day.  What?
I think I hear all of you playing little violins!



It was still very warm (like 77º) when I got home, so I took all the animals outside.  Lots of running, jumping, rolling and chasing any cat that came close.  I got some of my pottery items cleaned up

I’m working on teaching Jake to come when I call.  Currently, he tosses his head and runs the opposite direction.  I think I made some progress or it could be that he just really liked eating the treats I had.

I am also trying to explain to Gus how he should be sharing the toys and bones.  But he doesn’t seem to accept the idea.


In addition to the 2 tennis balls and the rawhide braid, he has 2 more toys under his head…

But the pups don’t pay him any attention.  Who needs toys when you have a twin?
If you look closely there is actually 2 dogs in this ball of fur:



But here’s some great news.  We made it to another weekend!  Of course if you work on weekends like Patient Husband – well sorry ’bout that.

I’m sure you’ve heard before that a great reason to take up the sport of running is that you just need to put on some sneakers and run!  No equipment, etc.  Well here is a list of the five things that I could not run without.

5.  Running program/GPS app on my Iphone.  This lets me know how fast/slow I am, as well as how far I have gone.



4.  Runner’s knee straps.  These go right below my kneecaps and keep those bad boys from flying all over my leg.



3.  Some kind of music / entertainment app.  How many times have I told you that I need something to silence the sound of my heavy gasping breathing.



2.  Wireless earphones.  These are priceless!  No wires bouncing around, getting tangled, just in general a pain in the butt.  If you haven’t gotten any of these, go out right NOW and get them.



1.  Multiple pairs of super expensive running shoes.  Well not really.  You can really survive with just one pair and the price isn’t how you decide if they are good.  But I do recommend you go to a running store and get fitted with the right pair.  Like they say in horse racing “no foot, no horse”.   I’m not sure what that has to do with running shoes, but it just seemed to be a good saying.


Now when you have reached the point where you can run 1 whole mile, here are some other things you will find yourself buying.

Every style/color of running bra, compression socks, tights, shorts, headbands, visors, hats, sunglasses, special running underwear (I’m not joking), arm band for your phone, belt to hold your phone when you realize you don’t like it on your arm, water bottle to hold, water bottle belt, water hydration system (because you have no idea which one you like better), i.d bracelet, some sort of belt/pocket to carry your fuel, toilet paper, and car key.


Then add 1 hour before each run to just ‘lace up your shoes’ and go!

Its possible that things could get out of hand – just ask Patient Husband.  Hopefully your significant other will realize that you will also need new things each season and many, many different colors.

All this listing made me think of a few things I need to look for…..

Have a good start to your weekend!


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