You Can Take the Girl out of Wyoming, but…..

I love getting the window seat so I can get pictures like this.



Closing in on the city:



Not really something I was comfortable seeing outside my window!


Then I realized we were landing at the same time.  Yikes!

Just getting out of the airport was a huge experience.  I’m pretty sure when we took the tram to the rental car area, we changed time zones.

We headed straight to our little ,  itty-bitty, shall we say – basic – studio apartment in Half Moon Bay.  I didn’t have to wonder which way to the bedroom.


It has a kitchen, a toilet area (I refuse to give it credit as a bathroom) and the bed.  Oh well it was definitely affordable and we are sooo tired.

We decided to walk around the little town.  It’s cold here!!   First thing I spotted was some unusual foliage.   Makes me think of Disney World.  I kept waiting for them to dance, but they never did.



Next I saw this pretty tree.  OOOOOh what is that?


So all you Californians stop laughing.  I really didn’t know what these trees were.  Then I looked up.


Seriously?  Olives grow on trees?  And the red stuff is already in the center?  I thought the company put that in.


I saw this sign.  California version of a rodeo, I think.



We sat down on a bench to just enjoy the day and the nice view.


which in a moment became this:


Well at least the firemen that got out were a nice view.

We decided to try a restaurant that we had heard of and was just a couple blocks from our abode.



Wow, Awesome, Amazing – all of that.  A little glass of Prosecco and some lasagna and we were in heaven.



Tomorrow morning we head out early to catch our tour of Alcatraz.  Can’t wait.




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