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...during my recovery. I am in week 5 of my recovery from ankle surgery. Next week I will head back to Colorado to see my Surgeon for my 6 week post-surgical appointment. I am sure that will be a new start to further my rehab/recovery. At that point I will be 'weaning' myself from my frankenstein boot! Right now I am using only one crutch and slowly giving that up.

While I can only dream right now of running my favorite areas and hiking the trails, I have made a lot discoveries that I want to share.

This is what I've learned:

1. I can toss a 1/2-full bag of sugar to the top shelf of my kitchen cabinet and land it perfectly. (may have taken some practice)

2. Instead of balancing against the kitchen counter while doing dishes, put a chair next to me to rest my knee on made things so much easier.

3. Get a kneeling scooter. (I didn't but so wish I had)

4. I CAN shower while standing on one leg.

5. Taking a hot shower while standing on both legs is glorious.

6. My dogs know when I'm struggling. They just do.

7. SO many channels - nothing to watch.

8. When you are told to have your ankle elevated above your heart while icing, they are expecting you to know that this is when you are lying down.

9. Daughters and Sisters are the best.

10. Some days it's ok to stay in my PJs/sweats all day. (No one - absolutely no one knows)

11. Don't say you are doing ok, if you're not.

12. If someone offers to help - let them! (They want to and you need it!)

13. I love when people randomly send me a quick note asking how I am.

14. All the things that you think you will do while sitting at home, will NOT get done.

15. One needs patience while healing. (I found the longer I've been in the rehab process, the less patience I have...)

I actually find myself shopping on line for trail running shoes......

And now I must finish and get on with my day. Watch the next episode of a Netflix series, and prepare for the painters. Yes! I am having the walls and ceiling on the main floor of my house painted! I am very excited that when I get home from Colorado, it will look amazing!

One step at a time,


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My trip home from Colorado was pretty uneventful. And for someone on crutches, dragging a suitcase and a folded walker, that's saying something! But thanks to the nice shuttle driver and airline personnel, I didn't even have to carry a sign: "I'm Old and Pitiful, Please Assist".

I may or may not have that same tattoo.

My sister, Marcia met me at the Portland airport and drove me home. But first we stopped at Costco to load up some groceries. By the time we finished, I definitely would have passed the driving test on one of those electric carts.

Marcia has a new puppy, Jojo. The dogs were super happy to see me but the jury is out on how they felt about a puppy in the house.

Here is Gus explaining the house rules:

I've been working on trying to teach the dogs to be service dogs for me. Here is Jake doing the dishes.

Unfortunately things like "pick up that paper I dropped" were totally ignored. As well as simple things like "bring me the remote", "make a pot of coffee", and "put my phone on the charger, please."

I was very excited to have Madeline and Finn over for a visit. Finn even spent the night. In one morning we had 4 hailstorms. Finn was excited to check it out.

This is Madeline's way to say she is tired. Not sure how she came up with it. But it sure is cute.

I have determined that spring is here. Or at least I can pretend by hanging my new door decoration.

Now that I am home, I can enjoy a little wine with dinner.

ONE of the hardest thing about being on crutches is that you can't carry anything. I know you are saying, DUH, but life is hard! I can work my way to the kitchen and make coffee, but then what? How do I get that nice cup of coffee to a table? So after Marcia left to go home, I had to be my own engineer.

Amazing huh?

After a long day of hopping around on crutches or the walker, I'm wondering if I should be counting my hops like others count their steps.

I have had one video meeting with my physical therapist and tomorrow morning I have my first in-person appointment.

Hoping no pain will be involved!

So I am officially on my way to recovery. Strengthen and recover - as long as it takes.

One step (any way you can) at a time,


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I took a little liberty with that saying but it is time for me to say good-by to the best recovery center ever! I had this next to my bed:

And the food! I think I got a copy of every recipe my sister cooked for me.

I rode along in the car with my sister, Susan, so that I could soak up the scenery and the sun. While waiting in line at school to pick up my great niece (I had to look that up.......a niece once removed....2nd niece...), this was the view. I could see some skiers coming down those slopes.

Since I don't really know when I actually did all the damage to my ankle, I have been working on the best story line for all my friends back home. So here goes:

"I just returned from Vail, Colorado ya know..... Well I hit the slopes one day after doing some on-line, youtube, video courses on skiing. Now don't be silly, I spend a LOT of time on these.

So as I got there, things were going well. I was just chillin' eating my cookie...

I don't know this snowboarding didn't seem all that exciting. So I strapped on the skiis and headed for some real excitement.

After this run down the mountain, I went inside and changed clothes......Hey - if you just did that, you'd have to change too.

And then....well.....those darn skiis just came flying off.

I did learn my lesson and decided to take up knitting! Honest, this Nana never tried knitting and from what I understand it's very rare to succumb to any serious injuries. Although my sister keeps yelling at me not to run with the knitting needles.

Suddenly (well in 4 days) this:

became this!

It's a start....and 10 more months before Christmas!

She totally denies that Bernie Sanders was in her car.

Yesterday's Dr. appointment was to cut off the hideous cast and remove stitches. Well when I saw my poor foot, I thought lividity had set in. UGH too much time at crime scenes. Anyway, it wasn't pretty. But the stitches were removed and now I am the happy wearer of Frankenstein's boot.

3 wonderful things: I can remove it for a shower, I can remove it while sleeping, and I can wear NORMAL clothes. No more sweatpants. Lets take a moment to think about taking a shower. I am not allowed to put weight on that foot for two more weeks. So this morning looked like an episode from "I Love Lucy". I get the water just right, open the curtain and put that right foot over the tub ..STOP! You can't put that foot down. Now I am straddling the tub and hopping on my good foot. I bring my foot back over, catch it on the side of the tub and stifle a scream. O.M.G. Pain! Finally I try again. This time, while kneeling on my sore leg, I step into the shower and straighten up. There was about 5 seconds of "oh this feels good" until I realized I have to take a shower standing like a flamingo.

I have to admit I do miss the doggies, and can't wait to see them. Does this sound familiar?

Meanwhile, Finn is waiting for me on the beach.

My bag is sorta packed. You know - the stage where the bathroom stuff is still in the bathroom, and the chances of zipping that thing closed is about nil. My clothes to wear tomorrow are layed out and I sit here WIDE awake.

I pity Denver airport when I arrive on crutches with a backpack, suitcase and folded walker. Not exactly begging for assistance, but I will have my best 'aren't I pitiful?' look.

Well I hope you are enjoying your weekend,

One step, hop, slide, at a time (whatever keeps you moving!),


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