Hi!  I'm Anne and I have been blogging for almost five years about being a runner.  Not an elite, just an ordinary runner.  Like you, possibly.  I also will share my travels, my numerous pets, my quirky thoughts and anything that I think you will give you a chuckle.  

I have been a runner off and on most of my life but never competitively.  At 59, I decided I wanted to complete a half-marathon.  Eight halves later, I am still running and loving it.  I hope you will enjoy running along with me and sharing the triumphs and tribulations of this 'Master' runner.  (Believe me, the only thing master about me is the age qualification).

Personally, I live on the coast of Oregon and have 3 children and 4 adorable Grandchildren.  I retired as a Detective in Asheville, North Carolina and moved to Sheridan, Wyoming.  But after 6 bitter cold winters, I have moved to Oregon for milder weather and to be near family.

I hope you will enjoy reading about my sometimes (almost always) crazy life!

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