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2019. Wow. I can say all the things EVERYone says. My, how the year flew by, I keep writing the wrong year down, etc. But actually I've gotten the year right for the last 10 days. I have more trouble figuring out the day of the week. I wish I was joking...

I have felt so healthy the last 6 -12 months that when I started out the new year with ailments I was shocked. Somewhere I forgot to knock on wood. The cough I got in mid-December went all out till it became bronchitis/sinus infection/pain in the ass. (not the last one) After much urging from family to see a doctor because I was becoming the coughing pain-in-the-ass, I got my prescriptions and immediately felt better.

Then on Tuesday, I got the 36 hour "" virus. This is one of those times you are very happy no one else is in the house. Unless of course they are fans of the Exorcist and projectile vomiting. (Refer again to the above photo). Even my dogs, with their adorable worried faces, kept their distances. And then I woke up today and felt good!

Although I am cautious with my eating, it appeared I had survived. First, I headed to the barn. I didn't go yesterday and I had images of Durango standing knee deep....

When I got home, it was 58º and blue skies! Things are looking up!

I know this looks like a painting, but actually a photo taken from my phone!

What is my first thought? Let's go for a run, of course. I knew my stomach couldn't handle a lot, so I put a running leash on Luna and went out for 1.3 miles. Both of us were happy, although I had this nagging ache in my stomach, so that was just enough. I did chew my #rungum and that also seemed to keep my stomach settled.

Then I proceeded to make my super healthy "Egg Bake".

This started out as the super Delicious Egg Bake - you know with lots of cheese and sour cream. But (sorry to my sister-in-law Kim) I made it dairy free and healthy. And still tastes good!

For those of you interested:



Brown 1/2 package of your favorite sausage (I like the maple flavored)

adding whatever veggies you have. I used frozen onion and pepper strips, fresh mushrooms, and fresh spinach. Season with some ground mustard and some 'Everything but the bagel' seasoning. Put this in a greased 11x13 pan. Top with 15 (yes, 15) beaten eggs.

Bake at 375 about 13 minutes or until eggs are cooked. Enjoy! Super good with a side of salsa, too!


I don't really have 'resolutions' for the year. Maybe it should be to stop using so many quotes in my blogs...... Anyway, I do have goals. I would like to do 2-3 half marathons in 2019. Deciding where and when is the challenge. My first no sooner than May. Preferably the first two will be in adjoining states and maybe the third as a race/vacation. I would love suggestions from anyone out there.

I have really enjoyed the Christmas gift of a membership to our local athletic center. I never used to be a gym person but this one is so nice. The track that goes above the gym like a balcony is very cool and all the equipment is super.

Now many of you who have been reading my blogs for a while are thinking "She is almost done with the blog and we've heard nothing about Finn". Ahhh, never worry.

My sister, Marcia, came to visit and we all enjoyed a good movie together.

One day, he decided he was ready to go SOMEwhere, anywhere. He put his coat on over his diaper and was ready.

Then he conquered any fears of the slide.

But the big news this week is that Finn's Mommy got sworn in as a Judge! We are all so incredibly proud of her accomplishment.

Waiting for the ceremonies to begin!

Let's just see how this feels.....

And of course, the Honorable Judge:

Have a wonderful day out there. Don't forget to subscribe to this blog. Since I'm on a new platform, I'd appreciate all of you to sign up and share!

One step at a time,


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