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7th Half Marathon in State #7 and It IS all About the Medal

I got home today from a great long weekend in Utah. Yes, I was there for a race, but it turned into a really nice mini-vacation.

The last couple of weeks before my race were pretty stressful. I tried to run as much as I could but because the Cough-of-the-Century was still lingering on, I was getting more and more worried that I wouldn't be ready. I tried doing some workouts at the gym. The highlight (because it is never fun to run at the gym) were these adorable baby seagulls I watched out the window.

This adorable guy was staring at me at the red light.

And then before I knew it, it was time to go. What do you think when you see my packed suitcase? I'm not taking enough clothes? I need a smaller suitcase?

This is what I see: Good job, you left plenty of room for all those things you'll want to buy. :)

The morning of our flight we had to leave pretty early, so we thought we'd check out a highly recommended (you know who you are, Jasmine) donut shop in Corvallis. And was closed.

Its just not right. The sign said it opened at 5 am. It was 6. No lights, no people, no donuts. Let's move on.

How's this for a view when you leave Portland?

And approaching Salt Lake City....

We went to pick up our rental car. I have never seen so many gorgeous cars for rent - and at Budget, no less. I saw at least 6 of all colors.

None of them were ours.

Ours was a Mitsubishi. I threatened to change Patient Husband's (PH) name to CH. (Cheap Husband) I may or may not be kidding.

We drove around Salt Lake City. We had wanted to take a bus tour of the city, but the times were just not going to fit our schedule. It was in the 90s - quite a switch from our coastal weather.

Then we headed to our AirBnB in Orem. The closer we got, the more beautiful it became.

Our place was was so nice. We had our own private entrance into an adorable apartment. Our hosts, Heidi and Troy, were wonderful people who we will probably continue to keep in touch. As a matter of fact, I've already contacted her! Alright, it was because I left my earphones there, but still....

On Friday, we drove to Park City. You need to put this place on your bucket list. We took the 'back way' to get there and it was so worth it. The trip up into the mountains was beautiful.

And the lakes

Park City was home to the Olympics.

The center of town was so nice. .

I knew I was destined to do some shopping. You know, a souvenir or a memento.

Or more running clothes... .

I promise to remember where and when I got each (yes there were more than one) item. Ok, ok, I also got a magnet with a picture of Park City on it.

I tried to decide if this art statue in a gallery would look nice in my next house...

Also, this quite patriotic saddle was interesting:

Then there was lunch with outdoor water features.

No matter where we went in Utah, there were bike/running trails everywhere. It was very cool. And they even think about the little ones:

When we left Park City, oohing and ahhing over the scenery, we headed to the race expo. I will say that the expo was my only disappointment of the trip. An Expo for you non-runners, is where you go to pick up your race bib, info on the race, and other miscellaneous freebies they put into your bag. They usually have lots of vendors selling all the running gear you can imagine and didn't know you needed.

There were 5-6 vendors. Only 1 was selling running items. The others were window salesmen, travel agents, solar heat information..... Believe me, while you are standing there clutching your race bib and the excitement of an impending run, you have ZERO interest in home improvements.

But I did like my number: 1300

We headed home early because my upcoming alarm was this: 2:30 AM

and I had to carb up. Aren't those beautiful words? Pizza was the carb for the night. We went to Lucy's and had GREAT pizza, but I wasn't too sure about the free appetizer:

Seriously? Olives and pickles? Bring on the breadsticks or something!

I loved this pillow on the bed. I need to find it for home. What a great thing to read each day:

And then:

But I did it, and was reasonably awake. This may or may not be a cardboard cut-out.

This race was dedicated to a Cancer Foundation, so I wore the names of two people (survivors) to celebrate. Sandy, my sister, and Teri, a dear friend. Sorry Teri for misspelling your name on the bib.

We had to leave the house shortly after 3 AM to get to the parking lot of the High School. There, I took the shuttle bus up to the canyon/start area. I arrived there at 4:30 AM. (Have you noticed that I keep emphasizing the AM each time?)

The race didn't start till 6 and it started to rain. Bless all those volunteers that gave us foil blankets to hide under.

I was wearing some sweats that I got at Goodwill so I could discard them (all discarded items are collected and donated), but I didn't have a hood or hat.

I peeked out once, as I sat on the curb.

Hershey Kisses!

Just before six, the national anthem, the flag and the mountains. Wow.

It was a nice course out of the canyon, with a river running along side us the whole way. And then... drum roll ..... I finished.

Celebration donut.

A nap for PH (races exhaust him).

Then back in the car to nearby Provo to see Brigham Young University.

Up on the mountain side we saw this:

I guess many people are wondering 'Y'. ?

Went into a bike shop. Sorry Finn, a Trek is not in your near future.

Sunday morning it was time to head to the airport. What a great time.

So I leave you with a moment of reflection:

One Step at a time,


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