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A Bad Game of Dominos and Running in the Rain

I get package out of mailbox, put on table, which knocked over coffee cup, which spilled over top onto floor and into outlet strip and modem.  Outlet strip blows and modem no longer works.  That domino effect wiped out my internet for 3 days.  When the repairman replaced my modem today, he said he’d just put down the last words “modem no longer works”.  He’s my new friend. Now that I am back in the real, er internet, world, I’ll get you caught up. Thanksgiving is over so now it’s time to decorate!   Finnegan is putting the finishing touches on his tree.

When he was all done decorating, he moved on to his imitations.  This is Rudolph, of course.

Although all our Christmas decorations are currently in a storage unit, I still wanted to decorate my little place.  Do you think I went overboard?

This week I have been running time instead of distance.  So I found I didn’t need to map anything out, I just went out and ran.  I even got to explore some new roads.  This was cool to find:

I’m also trying to learn how to schedule my runs with the Oregon weather.  Now that it is winter – it is the rainy season here.   But I have found that the rain stops and starts without any rhyme or reason or notice. Here is a photo of hail.  

Ok, so you can’t even tell that it’s raining.  But the hail was so hard and so crazy, I had to try. Today I was scheduled to do a 45-60 minute run.  I left at 8 am with blue skies and a couple of clouds……2 miles from home, it started sprinkling.  2.2 miles?  Drenching downpour that didn’t stop.  It was cold when I left, so I had on a sweatshirt and a hat.  A little over 5 miles and I was home.  Soaked.  But I got it done, right? A little chicken soup to warm up with.

Jake is asking for a fireplace for Christmas. Finn had a couple of traumatic moments recently.    His first haircut.  Nana got to hold him and Momma held his hand and entertained him with videos of himself.

How cute is this?
t Then we had a pre-school Christmas party.  Finn Loved the lights and wanted to touch each and every one.

He was having fun until they brought in THAT guy.

I’m pretty sure his sobs were “Get away from me!”

This is much better.

So its a new week.  More shopping and more running! I hope you have a great start to this week. One step at a time, Anne

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