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She's Here!!

Yep little Madeline Áine was born on March 19th. So beautiful and perfect. Only Daddy was allowed in the hospital, so Finn and I had to wait until they arrived home for our first peek.

Of course I need to put a few pictures on here now.

Big brother called her "My baby, my baby".

love this.

Hello World!

Blonde hair, blue eyes (so far) and two dimples!

And now back to normal things that we are all experiencing. Isolation, Quarantine, and all that comes with this pandemic. I think walks and running have helped me a lot. So I will share with you what I see each day. In Oregon all parks, playgrounds, etc. are closed but I was still surprised when my wooded trails were closed! The other day I headed to the high school track for a work out and found this:

I ended up doing my workout in the flat, empty parking lot! I was still able to enjoy the morning sunrise.

Another disappointment was to see now there are new pieces of trash on the ground. People! What is wrong with you?

On one especially windy day, apparently the neighbors were working on a science project. Bike-sailing? Wind-biking?

Here are some pictures of what I enjoy seeing while out running. This is at the end of our jetty. I was able to watch several of the fishing boats heading out.

But, while exploring the rocky areas, I still saw garbage.

No more garbage - just pretty.

On a evening walk, Finn took this distancing thing to a new level.

Parking areas along the coast are roped off.

We have certainly had lots of rainy days and I'm so happy to get sunny days. Hail has hit 3 times in 24 hours!

Today was beautiful, so I went for a run that took me first along the ocean and then over to the bay front.

I guess if you can't park in the parking spots, you just park wherever you want!

Maybe they need this sign:

During the rest of my run I did see some sign of self-isolation. I have to admit, I checked on this little guy to make sure he was ok. He was. :)

This man was power washing a dock. I watched him for a while as I sat on a bench. It was very tedious work. For him....not me.

Even this hummingbird was solo. I felt very lucky to stop, get my phone out, and still be able to snap the picture before it flew off.

There are other changes going on in my life. Patient husband and I are no longer together. In fact, the divorce should be final in the next week or two. This view out my window made me change from thinking 'Life as I know it is over' to 'The first day of the rest of my life'.

Rest assured, I am hanging in there and moving on with my new life. And as always taking life -

One step at a time,


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