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A Bit of This and a Bit of That

I've had a bad case of bronchitis/fever for over 2 weeks now. I haven't written because I can't stop coughing and I don't want any of you to catch this. I promise to turn away from the screen when I cough.

Seriously, I started feeling bad around the 2nd of the month. First came the cough, then a fever, then doses of every type of cough medicine, mucus reducer, and cold pills that I thought might work. The fever is gone but the cough remains. I am only 8 days from my half marathon!!!!!!

I have been able to do about 1/2 of my required runs. We did have a fun run in Oregon City. Do you remember the old computer game Oregon Trail? It is based on that game. We were all assigned a job - I was a brewer. Ha - see how far that gets you crossing the US in a wagon train!

During the race, decisions had to be made. Ford or float the river? Stop and make repairs to the wagon or forge on. At the end, all your decisions are entered and you find out your fate.

Well that's life - or death, I guess. But I got a medal and really, isn't that what life is all about? Especially after the 39 weeks traveled...

I was scheduled for my last 12 miler before the race on Saturday but I put it off as long as I could. I finally ran it on Monday, sucking on cough drops the whole way. But I did it.

Yesterday was SO beautiful, I decided to take my 5 miles to the beach. The wind on the beach certainly gave me a resistance workout. But it's always beautiful. I stopped and got 180 degree view for you. Just thinking of you - not resting or catching my breath.

During a run, I went on a wooded trail that had storyboards along the way... super cute.

I finally got out to ride Mr. Durango. He was as sweet as ever.

Speaking of sweet....Finnegan has been in potty-training boot camp. Yep, he's only 2 but is so ready.

Here he is. Not sure if he is showing off his new bed, his new underwear, or his stretching abilities.

All abourd!

No caption needed.

Oh I might have had a birthday yesterday....

Out to dinner for fresh seafood and then home for cake and ice cream. Thank goodness Finn was there to help me blow out the candles.

Patient husband always tries to find 'unusual' or 'unique' gifts. Who would want bling and flowers? One year I got a time capsule to bury. It's buried alright - under some items piled on the floor of my office...

So this year...well I'll just show you....


This actually turned out to be a very nice, soft t-shirt

and the Piece de Resistance??????

A combo flyswatter/bug zapper that is rechargeable.

Gus really wanted to go fly a kite.

I had to steal this. Since I wear running clothes almost 24/7, I get this.

I have to give a shout out to my nephew, Michael, who will be running in the VT100 Endurance race on Saturday. Not only is that a fete in itself, but the temps and humidity will be sky-high. Wishing you strength and a breeze, Michael!

Have a wonderful weekend doing whatever makes you and those around you happy.

One step at a time,


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