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A little of This and a Little of That

I may have more pictures than words today. That's fine with you right? Sort of a silent movie Sunday - without the movie - well you get it.

On a nice Sunday drive and thought this was a bunch of brown horses. Whoa....It was a huge herd of elK!

Trying out some new trails. This one was a mixture of pavement and dirt and sand.

Another time I decided to take the dogs. Nice wide trails that ended in a swimming hole. Nice for the dogs. Not so nice for the back of my car.

As Oregon approaches its rainy season, running and staying dry can be hit and miss. This day was 3 miles dry, 3 miles downpour. When it seemed to be especially sideways, I leaned against a building under this overhang and pretended to be just enjoying the view. At the end, - if a wet t-shirt contest was really about who has the wettest t-shirt, I would have won.

I doubt anyone looks cuter in their rain gear than this one.

Finn started a new playschool. They really want the kids to bring healthy lunches. I decided to donate a 'few' mini-meatloafs to Finn's freezer.

Lately Finn has been really scrutinizing his food. In Nana's egg bake, I used to put peppers and spinach. (you know - trying to be all healthy and stuff). Finn ate every bite. Then he started picking the green things out. The only thing he allows now is the sausage. He even picked a piece up the other day and pointed to some black speckles on top. I told him it was pepper. He glanced at me like I should know better and handed it to me.

My eating habits:

What is it about men and their recliners?

And speaking of eating. I may not like peppers or spinach, but this peanut butter stuff is the BOMB!

Is this spooning in dog-world?

Out on a run, I found this. Is it real? The reason I ask is because it was on the road......

Ok I stole this from Facebook, but I thought you could use a good laugh.

Hey Nana, these thing don't work.

I knew if I hung onto this yoga mat long enough, I'd find a better use for it.....

As I see it..... farmer drove onto the train tracks. It doesn't look good for Ol' MacDonald.

The Officer is assessing the scene and calling for backup.

Tomorrow starts the last week of September.

I actually typed that and thought I'd have some sort of prophetic, significant or possibly eloquent statement to add. But nope - just sat here stupified. So that's all I have to say about September.

I just went and double-checked the definition of stupified. "to put into a state of little or no sensibility; benumb the faculties of; put into a stupor. to stun, as with a narcotic, a shock, or a strong emotion. Yep that pretty much says my state of mind!

I hope you have a wonderful week.

One step at a time,


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