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A Little this and a little that

I was glancing over my photos and realized how long its been since I've written! I guess I didn't realize how busy I've been. Mainly because this is my morning

And a real great feeling is when you let the dogs out and then run back upstairs and jump in bed. :)

But besides the difficulty of starting my mornings, I have gotten some running completed. Two 6-milers and 3 or 4 miles every other day. One 6 miler ended with a late breakfast. I switched it up and got Zucchini bread french toast, with berries instead of syrup. I almost forgot to get a picture....

For today's 6 mile run I went through the bayfront (check out this weather!)

Then over that bridge you see in the background. This is from the top (or middle) of the bridge. It was super windy up there!

Last weekend Amanda and Finn met me for breakfast at Georgie's. It is one of our favorite restaurants but we had never tried their breakfast.

Coloring seemed to help pass the time for a while....

I'm not sure what this look meant.....

Maybe "how much longer do I have to wait"?

The view from our table

No matter what Finn is doing, Gus is right there.

Well actually EVERYone is right there.

Gus even sleeps in the bedroom while Finn naps.

When checking on some saddles I've been storing in my horse trailer, I found them completely coated in mold. It was disgusting.

I spent a long time cleaning and conditioning both saddles. They came out pretty good.

I have to admit I may or may not have issues with buying running gear. The latest in tights, shorts, socks, warm shirts, cool shirts and of course shoes. But I am just following the guides........

I am so excited about changing the clocks tonight. I hope eventually Daylight Savings is eliminated. Welcome Spring and welcome morning sunshine.

I hope you are having a great weekend.

One step at a time,


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