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To all of my dear friends:

On the stroke of midnight tonight, you can resolve to be better, if you like…

to be fitter, to be healthier, to work harder.

On the stroke of midnight tonight,

you can resolve to become a whole new you, if you so choose.

Or, you can take a moment to acknowledge what you already are.

All that you already are.

Because it’s a lot.

You’re a lot.

And you deserve to be seen.

On the stroke of midnight tonight perhaps you could congratulate yourself, for coping.

For breaking, again, and for rebuilding, again.

For catching the stones life has thrown at you,

and for using them to build your castle that little bit higher.

You have endured my friend.

And I don’t see the need to resolve to become a whole new you,

when you are already so very much indeed.

Happy new year.

You made it.

(-Donna Ashworth)

Doesn't that say it all?????

I've never been much of a partier, so on New Year's Eve and New Years day I usually end up reflecting. Of course I think of the big news in the world, but also a more personal reflection.

What did I do that I'm happy or proud of? I go back over the months thinking of different obstacles and how I handled them. Surgery and the aftercare took many months but I'm so glad I did it. Although there were a few times I was battling loneliness or depression, overall I feel that my inner strength pulled me out. I even put myself out there to date! Yup and I must say that went VERY well.

What didn't I do? I'm not going to beat myself up, I just recognize it and make note to do better in '22.

I have many pictures from the last month that I want to share...and a picture is worth a thousand words, right? So lets get started.

Looking out at the ocean brings me a sense of peace - whether sunny or cloudy.

Jake is very patient with me during grooming episodes. How many tools does one grooming take?

In case you are wondering how I look afterward.....

Another buddy who is very patient. No matter how long between visits, he's happy to see me and gentle to ride. After my ride, he stayed at the gate watching me walk back to the barn.

I read somewhere that after a big life occurence (death of a loved one, divorce, etc) you become a new person, you change some things forever - a rebirth that you may not see. As I look over my life and over the last 2 years, I believe it is true.

The Land of Beginning Again

I wish that there were some wonderful place

Called the Land of Beginning Again,

Where all our mistakes and all our heartaches,

And all of our poor selfish grief

Could be dropped like a shabby old coat at the door

And never put on again.

~Louisa Fletcher

hmmm, what do I wear today?

After Thanksgiving, Amanda and family went off to cut down their Christmas tree. I asked Finn to find one for me. Maybe one the same height as he is.


Then we went on a Santa train ride in Garibaldi, Oregon. SO much fun. Finn said it was the best day ever. :)

Personally, I thought the hot chocolate was the best ever! Santa and Mrs. Claus and a couple of 'elves' went through the train visiting with everyone. But the funniest moment was towards the end of the ride. One of the 'elves' came through with a garbage can and Finn said "Here comes the trash elf".

Back at school, Finn said Who's afraid of Santa? Not me.

On Christmas morning, Mom, Dad, and Nana were the first ones awake! Checking to see the half-eaten carrots and apples the reindeer left.

Always start at the top.

Is there anything better than Christmas morning with the kids?

And now I have some shocking news. Brace yourself. It snowed. Yes, not heavy frost or hail - actual snow.

This is the best version of Auld Lang Syne ever.

What the heck is in that sippy cup anyway?

Today we have new high winds, king tides, and flood warnings. First I took the dogs out for a run before the rains start.

I saw some branches and brush near my property in the creek. I knew that could possibly cause more flooding so I did my best pulling it out and clearing a path for the water. That 'little' creek is waist-deep. Lets not talk about how I know that fact.

And now I have the sump pump ready to go, and these:

(I'll let you know how they work) Or even better, I won't have to try them out.

So the boys and I are anxiously waiting......

So here's to a new year with wishes to you for a very healthy and very happy 2022.

One step at a time,


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