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A Week in Review.....

My week in review. Let's all hope we find something entertaining and funny.

Not that funny, but oh so true:

If you are not a runner, you may have wondered this....

I have been sticking well with my training schedule. I did my sprint training indoors this week. The indoor track is cushioned and I was wearing my new shoes - felt like I was flying! :). My outdoor runs always include great scenery that I just have to share.

This flower garden is in the front yard of a house a block away from mine. Just awesome.

Gated Goose community:

And some - not so beautiful - scenery. New bathroom anyone?

Mr Durango has moved into a new stall. Doesn't he look handsome?

One day, after cleaning his stall and doing a little grooming, I decided to walk him down to the arena and let him walk around loose for a little bit. This was his idea of a stroll around the arena:

Thank God, he didn't seem to injure anything or re-injure it.

Some animals know how to stroll....

I missed the picture of him soaring, but this bald eagle landed to let me get out my camera.

Of course, no week is complete without a day with my buddy, Finnegan. Poppop and I took him out for pancakes. He loves to color a little more than eating pancakes.

But sorting sugar packets? The best.

He found his chair again to watch Nana mow the grass.

Trying to adjust for the sun:

Is everyone as excited as I am to have watermelon again?

I did discover some food that does NOT go with running. Granola or berries. And by no means, granola AND berries. I just wish it didn't take me so long to make this discovery. I finished my weekend with 9 miles on Saturday and 3 miles on Sunday.

And now a hint of something happening at the end of June. I am going to be on a tv show again.... Consider this sort of a trailer.....

One Step at a time,


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