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Being Out-Of-This-World For Just One Day

Being an Alien is apparently very hard on a human body. I spent Sunday horizontal. When I woke up I was worried that if I stood upright, well, let's just say I wouldn't feel any better.

So let's go to Saturday's race instead.

It was an early departure that morning because we were an hour and a half from McMinnville and I needed to be there early to pick up my bib. Since I ordered my 'costume' on line, I just took for granted that there would be many dressed like me. Nope. Some sparkly tights, lots of headbands with antennae, and alien sunglasses.

Normally, this would make me retreat and not wear such a conspicuous outfit. But, NO ONE knew me! My kids weren't there to be embarrassed! So what the heck, right?

Yes. like this! I can hear you gasping from here!

Here is the (totally unremarkable) group (88 in the race) getting ready at the start line. Um, do you notice me in the group?

And now you know that aliens can be very small - not your previous 7 foot image.

Another where's Waldo aka Anne picture.

This was just a 5K (3.1 miles) trail run. We ran twice around a College trail. I ran without earphones, watch, or even a phone because...... you guessed it... there was really nowhere to put it. I decided to wear running tights and shirt under the outfit because it was sorta cold. Unfortunately this produced some very odd looking bunching and protruding bulges. Oh well, no one knew me.....

I did have to pull off my face (yes that is a good description for an alien) during my run. I could see just fine but breathing was little difficult.

She doesn't seem to realize what is behind her....

Little did I know, I had my own cheering squad waiting for me!

And finally the medal....

Believe it or not I came in first place in my age group. (yes, there were more than just me in the age group). And then off to the UFO festival.

From our breakfast table, we were able to people-watch.

Just Darth Vader playing the bagpipes on a unicycle.

As we walked back to the car, I actually had people ask if they could take a picture with me. HA!

Today is an amazingly sunny day. We decided to soak up some sun.

And then off for a walk. Which way should we go?

One step at a time,


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