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We are having amazing weather right now. High 50s that feel even warmer and sunny skies. I've been able to run outside which is great. The other day I ran a loop which I haven't done in a while. Mostly, because a little more than 2 miles of it is through wooded trails and across wooden bridges. After a lot of rainy weather, I avoided this trail. But this time it was great and look at the trail improvements!

Every wooden walkway had this non-slip strip on it.

Then on another day, I needed to take my car in for an oil change. It was so beautiful out, I just had to run while they were working on it. This is from the jetty.

I found a whole new area of trails (dirt and paved) to run on when I turned off of the jetty road. I have to admit I got lost for a while and when I came up on a campground, I had to ask for directions. But 4 miles later I was on my way back to the dealership when the service department called.

But there were some colder days. Just ask Luna.

This proved to be a 3-dog-night. Cuddling on the couch is our thing.

Amanda, Finn and I went to my sister's over the weekend. Finn has become a good car-rider. It will be nice when he can face forward, though. Finn is really increasing his vocabulary in leaps and bounds. It is so much fun. Nana has become something between Nanny and Nonny. Nanny is a little 'goat-ish' but he can call me whatever he wants.

He chose this wagon at the toy store. Nana's heart melted.

He seemed to think his Aunt Marcia needed help pushing his empty stroller. So he helped her out.

We went up the road to Ecola Park. Beautiful!

Chasing birds:

The next morning we went out for a great breakfast. He studied the menu carefully.

What do you think of their french toast?

I did share my french toast with him. He really like 'dunking' his piece in the syrup. But then we realized he was sucking the syrup off the toast and re-dipping. Haha, he knows whats good.

I'm not sure why he is sitting like this, but I told him "No one puts Baby in the corner".

Only a couple more days of January. Somehow, when January is over, spring seems so much closer......

Or maybe it will take a little more meditating....OMMMMM

But either way can someone please tell me why I want to do this in cold weather?????

Please have a wonderful week. Stay Warm. Keep Moving. Be responsible and have your children vaccinated.

One step at a time,


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