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Carb Loading is So Much Fun....Then it's Over

It has been a nice relaxing week since returning from my Utah race. It was also time to get my eating back on track. You see, when the coaches talk about carb loading, I listen! Let's review some of my foods the days before until the day after: pizza (I lost count how much), bagels (who counts bagels?), waffle, donuts... Let's stop, I can feel my body rebelling at just the thought. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

Just sayin'

My brother-in-law and sister-in-law bought me the best shirt when I got home from the race. Thank you so much Bob and Kim!

I've been continuing my running/training. There may be another half marathon this fall. I'm hoping to have Amanda (my daughter) join me. We just can't decide. Do we want to do it? Where? When? Vegas? California? We'll see.

Running when I get glimpses of the ocean always makes me happy. It can be cloudy, foggy or any weather.

I was able to get more time with Durango. The weather was so beautiful one day, I just sat out in the pasture to watch the horses. Although Durango stayed nearby, two others were quite curious about me. That gray blob to the right? It's a very close picture of a nose.

This may be one of my favorite pics of Durango.

Time to quench our thirst....

Looking for a mate?

Spending time on the beach is always a nice time. Sharing it with Finn? Priceless.

Getting out of the sun for a bit in the tent while wearing Nana's hat.

He did a great job getting all the sand off

We also spent some time at a new play area.

He told me he was making pizza.

I met my brother for lunch in Depoe Bay. This was our view out of the window from our table.

Fresh veggies from his garden. Yummy!

We got to dog-sit Miko for a day. He's so sweet.

Waiting in the window for us to get home....

It's exhausting keeping both tennis balls away from the others.

Today we walked along the bay front. First the sea lions.


and doing what they do best.

Down on the docks, people were purchasing the catch of the day

And then, in and out of the shops and galleries. I found a few signs that I want to share with you.

Well, yeaaa.

And I thought it was just my thighs.

Not sure this is a good incentive.

And this is why you need to remember that YOU make your day.

And now this is a reminder that when you do something, do it to your best ability. And Enjoy Life.

One step at a time,


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