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CHEERS! May is Here!

So I've decided to enter the dating scene.

This guy was so not perfect.

I'm moving along with my physical therapy. Can you believe its almost been 12 weeks! I have permission to start on a run/walk plan. Believe me this is such good news. I'm still on a exercise plan of strengthening my ankle and balance. I'm thinking I now have a great excuse when I trip and fall over nothing on the sidewalk. Darn surgery.......

Speaking of excuses. I have gone back and forth if I should include this picture in this blog. I haven't been able to come up with a believable excuse. I went to Corvallis to get dogs to the groomer and do some shopping. This is what I noticed AFTER I got home.

1: The pink shoe is more comfortable on the left foot and the blue shoe is more...... No?

2: The two colors matched my shirt..... no?

3: I'm senile.

When I got in my DIY mood, I decided it was time to fix the dishwasher. There is nothing more frustrating than having the dishes come out dirty. So the computer was put on the counter with a Youtube video.

See the center gray piece? All must come out. When I finally go in there, I found clear plastic, blue plastic, unknown objects, and glass. Lots of glass. I was told long ago not to use those 'pods' and I think thats what the blue plastic came from. Still listening to the video, everything went back in place! It was success. It works perfectly now. :)

Another note to add for my future home handyman business: Hammered Woman Repairwork.

Nothing else to say:

The grandchildren are learning to take up relaxing sports. Finn is pretty serious about this golf thing:

Madeline on the other hand like to think outside the box (or sit inside box)

She is asking for a recliner....

My sister Sue and husband, Stew came for a short visit. So I put them to work to earn their keep. First, hanging my heavy wood horses.

And then hung up a new chandelier. I LOVE it.

When things get crazy, find you own safe spot to decompress.

Otherwise, he is always right here:

Some Easter pics:

I was happy to find that Durango still knew me when I went to visit. He loved on me and let me ride around bareback.

Do you plan on finishing that?

As I look back......

Did you know that this existed? Look at all those people!!! Will someone help me start a local club?

Well there you have it. I'm leaving tomorrow for Washington to work on a cold case for a few days. Have a great Mother's Day all you mothers! And I mean that in a nice way.

And if it's your birthday.......Enjoy it to its' fullest.

One step at a time,


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