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Coughing and coughing and catching up

Catch up, catch up. That seems to be my theme for the last few months. Okay, the last year. I'm retired, why can't I always be on time/up-to-date/know who I am? I just added that last one to see if you noticed.

Anyway, I am trying to catch up today before the new year. So just when you thought you were done with family Christmas photos - here I go!

When we returned from Kauai, it was shopping time.

Finn was quite the shopper. And yes, if you were wondering, that hat was a keeper.

On to the next store. Do you realize how adorable this is? But if he was 7 year old or older, not so much. :)

Hmmm. Where oh where could I wear these?

Can't forget the dogs:

Christmas is so much better when you see the wonder in their eyes.

(Note: see the arm protecting the tree)

Christmas day was exactly what it is supposed be. Relaxing and enjoying the love and happiness in our lives.

Patient Husband knew how to get to my heart :

This last couple of weeks for me has been filled not only with love and happiness but also cough medicine, cold and flu tablets and finally prescription drugs. Sinus infection, non.stop.coughing that lasted a lifetime, it seemed.

But yesterday I found I could take deep breaths without going into a coughing fit. What did this mean to me? I could RUN!!

Don't be like that. I saw you roll your eyes. I went out with no time or distance in mind. But it felt so good, I ended up doing 4 miles. Today I went to the gym with Amanda and did a 30 minute tempo run on the treadmill. I can finally get back on my schedule.

One step at a time,



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