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Eating my Way Through Mother's Day and I've Turned a Little Green

A totally rainy, cloudy, but sometimes sunny week. But I am fine with it. Everyone is having the rainy weather and in fact, the city in Wyoming that we moved from has been having temps in the 30s and are predicting snow tomorrow. So actually I am ecstatic about our weather.

Mr. Finn was not so ecstatic. He got some kind of stomach bug at the beginning of the week. It's so pitiful and heart wrenching when they are so little and point to their tummy and say "it hurts right here". :(

But we also had some great days. He is singing his abc's now and is just totally adorable even with bedhead.

And he is at the stage where he thinks he needs to oversee whatever is going on in the kitchen. And, probably, that isn't such a bad idea.

Starting with Mother's Day, there has been a lot of good food that has NOT come from my kitchen.

We tried out a new restaurant in Nye Beach. My choice was a shrimp sandwich that was out of this world. Half of this sandwich went home for another meal the next day.

I couldn't finish that sandwich but this looked like something I needed to try:

Oh yea. Mission accomplished.

More amazing treats to eat and to look at.

Luckily I've been able to keep up my running/working out, in between all this eating!

And just when I start thinking "why am I doing this crazy running?" I read something like this:

Being aerobically fit has been proven to offer a ton of benefits: It strengthens your bones, joints, and muscles; keeps your brain sharp; and helps prevent obesity, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease, to name a few.
Now, there’s additional proof that running regularly does wonders for your overall health—according to new research in the journal Cancer, it can help reduce your chances of certain kinds of cancer.
According to a new study published in the journal Cancer, the more aerobically fit you are, the less likely you are to develop lung and colorectal cancer.
People who were most fit were 77 percent less likely to get lung cancer and 61 percent less likely to get colorectal cancer compared to the least fit.
There is still a benefit to being moderately fit, but the more fit you are, the greater the reduction in cancer risk.

Now THAT should make you jump off you couch! Ok, slowly roll off but at least move!

On one of my hikes, I see this;

Upon closer examination:

I'm really hoping that Joe is not under that pile of sticks and branches. Or that Joe is a dog.

I decided that after a month of nursing Durango's wound, we needed to have him see a Vet. While we waited for him to be seen, Durango did an amazing job of landscaping. He truly enjoyed the change in diet. Apparently hay gets boring after a while.

The vet believes he cut his tendon on the back of his pastern. (the area between the hoof and that big 'ankle' bone you see). Therefore the long time before he wanted to put weight on it and the month-long swelling. But all the meds should help it heal.

We are really clueless on how it happened. And he refuses to tell me.

Tomorrow will be an early morning at we leave for the UFO festival and my Alien 5K. My first time in a race in a costume. (usually I just pretend to be a runner and dress accordingly). I am not actually racing. I am just attempting to complete it without tripping, falling, peeing (hey, it could happen), running into a tree, running into someone else, or accidentally abducting someone.

What ?? You want a preview? OK here you go -

Race recap coming this weekend!!

One green step at a time,


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