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EPISODE 2: Overcoming the Travel Woes

When I left you on the edge of your seats (I can at least pretend you were....) my flight was for 9:15 am on Monday the 15th. Before the evening on the 14th was even through, that flight was cancelled. I immediately got on line and saw there was a flight that was still available but it took me through Seattle. Even though I knew Seattle was having weather issues too, I booked it.

I was up bright (this is as bright as I get)

and early and on the early shuttle to the airport. Delayed and delayed. When I finally got to the agent at the counter, she booked me on United - straight through to Denver and leaving soon!

Soon I was on the plane and realized I had been booked 6 times on flights since Friday! And even better news? My brother-in-law was in Denver for the day and was able to pick me up! Woohoo.

Tuesday morning started with a pre-op visit to the Surgeon. All went well. Then my sister, Sue, and I tried to cram in everything we had planned to do all weekend into one day! And we almost succeeded. First we went into downtown Vail. I fall in love with Vail every time I go there. Let me show you a few pictures and you will understand.

The streets are heated!

The line for the ski lift!

Then to lunch at a German restaurant. My sister twisted my arm really hard and we shared: Glühwein Wäldertau. This is a hot mulled wine. Yes its as amazing as it sounds.

Then we share 2 appetizers that definitely could have been entrees. First, fondue:

Then Wurst with spicy mustard and a tiny pretzel.


This morning I had to be at Admissions at 6 a.m.! The anesthesia and the nerve block worked pretty well. I don't even remember going to the operating room. When I woke, I was told the Dr. had already come and talked to me and I answered him! No memory of either. Thank God I wasn't on a date!

I was fitted for crutches and a walker. Both look like they are made for children. I can't imagine why.... This was my only other option:

Back to my sister's house where I was waited on hand and foot! My Niece's children (would that make me a great-aunt?) loved helping me. Piper loved knocking on my door and asking if she could get me something and if I said "no", she would make suggestions. :) They also kept me company.

Piper and Bergen

Baby Pippa

OK this is the end of Episode 2. Don't forget I'm still under the influence of Oxycodone. :)

I look forward to taking....

One Step at a time.


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