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Fast and Furious Friday Fotos

Another week. A week of new things and also of repeats.

A week of relaxing and

a week of getting out of my comfort zone.

Lets look at some of it.

A lot of my new experiences are brought to me courtesy of Finn. I am amazed by him so many times. Here he is figuring out about magnets. If they don't attract, turn it around.

Is this the cutest potty? Miko seems to be amazed. And yes, Finn is potty training at 22 months.

This view on my run never gets old. Never.

Then there are people who can stay home and get this view off their deck.

Driving a dump truck on gravel can be back-breaking work.

My 3 sisters at my nephew's wedding.

I was able to check out a nearby dog park that is set up with some agility pieces. Up and down the ramps I went. "Like this!" I kept saying. Up and down the ladders, the ramps and even the see-saw......I went. They could care less and weren't even impressed with my agility.

My view from the top of the ladder/ramp

It's not cool to have road rage --- especially when you have a binkie

Although his hoof is not healed completely, I took him for a short walk to get him out of his stall.

We may, or may not, use the same hair colorist.......

The size of this apple didn't unnerve him in the least.

I am officially starting to train for my July race in Utah. And then I saw this.

It's the UFO festival in McMinnville, Oregon next Saturday. I have officially registered for the Alien Abduction 5K Dash.

And now.....the search for a costume.....

One step at a time,


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