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This was a description of Durango on his trip to the beach today.

I was up at 5:30 a.m. this morning - that alone was pretty miraculous. Ate some breakfast, packed up some snacks and headed to the barn. Donna and I both hooked up to our own horse trailers because neither of our horses would go on a different trailer!

We headed out to Baker Beach - about 45 minutes down the coast. A beautiful drive.

It's an amazing place for horses. There is a campground nearby and trails to the beach and trails throughout the nearby woods.

So handsome....

We headed out on the trail to the beach. Soon the trail became grassy sand dunes. Up and down over small sand dunes in very deep sand. I didn't realize how soft and deep the sand was until Durango dropped down and decided to lie in it. He gave me no notice - just dropped down. No pictures available.

Anyway, I was back on again and then we climbed the final BIG dune. As we crested it, the sound of the ocean and wind was deafening. And to Durango - terrifying.

Donna and her horse Rio were pros. I just kept Durango directly behind Rio and on we went.

As you can see, the beach is completely empty. We saw one man walking in the middle of nowhere, but other than that - empty. It took Durango quite a while to get close to the water. But he was a champ walking through the numerous tidepools.

After a mile or two, Durango said enough by doing these little mini-bucks and occasionally when he didn't think I was listening a good size buck. So we turned around and I decided to get off and walk him a bit. Now we were heading straight into the wind and I'm sure it was hurricane force.

This is not what I had in mind. Do I need to tell you that walking in soft sand, in cowboy boots, is not fun? But at least Rio got to circle around us and do some cantering.

Back on him and heading up the big dunes went well. Soon we found a great trail that took us to Lily Lake.

Trails are what Durango and I love. I believe he is saying "Please, please don't take me back to that sand hell. :)

A good ride and a good day.

One step at a time,


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