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How to Make Those Rainy Days Go Away

This is a favorite video of mine. I'm so lucky to be his Nana.

Now that I am away from those icy, windy, snowy, below-zero temperatures (did I say windy) of Wyoming, I just have to learn to embrace the Oregon rain. The only time it bothers me is when I'm trying to head out for a run. This is the perfect running trail according to the dogs

:Now, THIS, is what I call perfect:

But one thing we do agree on -- the naps afterward are wonderful

One of my favorite places to watch the ocean.

A storm is coming in:

There was a momentous event this month. Finn's first sleepover at Nana's house! We were very busy. First we had a lot of engine repairs to do. You may notice that we take this very seriously.

Then, of course, we had our exercise band workout.

A little investigation........

And finally a stack of books before bedtime.

All of my dogs love to go for rides in the car, but only Jake becomes a back-seat driver.

I also like to watch other dogs. Who wouldn't love this one?

Wait, is that a Panda?

There must be one of her favorite songs on the radio:

Remember when I told you how much Finn liked his toy hamster? After being apart for several days, he had to console it.

And that included a ride on Finn's pony:

Hey, it's not easy to gallop one-handed with your buddy under your arm.

When I just can't compete with the sideways rain, I end up at this indoor track at the gym.

Only 11 laps per mile.

But sights like this (yes, those are cowboy boots) make the running more enjoyable.

When the baby falls asleep and Nana is a former Detective.

When you know how to be cool and you're only two.

Some of these just crack me up. And sometimes you have those days when you need them.

A little more serious

One day at a time,


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