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I'm sure you have heard about the record breaking heat wave in the Pacific Northwest. Believe it or not, those of us hanging at the coast weren't affected! The hottest day around my house was the low 80s. Meanwhile 2 hours away they were in the triple digits. Aaahh There are many benefits of living on the coast.

I mentioned that I was in a month-long certification course for Search and Rescue. Part of that, of course, is a First Aid/CPR course. Somehow it was still disconcerting to see this guy trying to escape from the duffel.

The training was really good and I enjoyed it and I graduated!

My running is coming back...s.l.o.w.l.y. But no pain and Ive been on the road and also on the trails.

This branch is only about 4 feet above the ground. Even I have to duck.

No road running can match this....

I also graduated from my physical therapy. That's a thing, right? Like I passed all my tests and am on my own again. Unfortunately no certificate, no cap and gown, not even a t-shirt. But I think it means I deserve new running shoes.

Not sure if the spaghetti is going in or coming out, but I think there is an emoji like this:

The older Madeline gets (She turned 1 in March) the closer she and Finn get. Here she is giving him a random hug.

While Mommy and Daddy went away for the night for their anniversary, the kids had a sleepover with Nana. Sleepovers with Nana mean Pizza in front of the t.v.

Their Grandma and Grandpa gave the kids these very cool swing sacks (I actually don't know what they are called) They love them.

I don't think Finn sees that he is about to be under siege.

Madeline was very happy to sit in her little cocoon. But somehow it looks like she is being born.......

We may be having beautiful weather, but I still sweat....

Too tired to move.

So I'm sitting on a bench enjoying the ocean, when a woman walk right past the sign and down to the rocks. She slipped, which made me jump and run to the edge. But she just sat there and then got up and continued walking - which is when I decided to take a picture of her stupidity. Really, people...the DANGER sign isn't big enough?????

Somebody else got a new pair of running shoes......

Oregon just lifted all the COVID restrictions. I went grocery shopping and actually felt weird and naked without my mask! Didn't feel 'back to normal' at all. But I guess that's what is meant by our new normal.

Have a great 4th of July and enjoy our way back to normal,

One step at a time,


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