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I Wonder What Anne's Latest Project is........

.....said no one ever!

Well a lot got done, that's for sure. I was discussing home repair/improvements, (as well as all the tools a simple butter knife can replace) when they started thinking of good names for my new Handywoman business. My favorite was "A Chick with a Hammer". Or was it "A Hammered Chick"? Oh, Whatever.

This may or may not be a picture of my bathroom wall.

But the good news is I know how to spackle now! I mean, IF this was my wall.

You will be happy to know that I hired a company to put up a fence in the backyard. You know work is about to begin when the porta-potty shows up.

Finally, a lot of work being done and all I had to do was sip my coffee.

Let's interrupt this with some cute pictures:

Her personal bodyguard.

Practicing her fashion model pose.

OK back to my work. Ever since I moved in, I wanted to paint the front door. It was red and peeling and the door handle was corroded. It had to change. Voilà.

And then my Autumn decoration:

Unfortunately, my decoration fell to the ground about 45 seconds later.

A sunset viewed a few nights ago:

Oh and I voted!

As winter and the rainy season will be here soon enough, I am trying to spend each nice day out back clearing away so much overgrowth. I was pretty happy getting to see my walkway again. So was Gus, but he didn't lift a single paw to help.

I also posted a stone in this walkway that I am trying to restore. Muriatic acid seems to be the answer. I'll let you know how that goes. And no, I don't believe Grandma and Grandpa are buried beneath.

On the other side of the yard were three cute stepping stones. I cleared them off and then when I moved along my shovel kept hitting rock! I uncovered 3 more that were completely underground.

When I get done with work like this, my hands are soo sore in the morning. That happens to young people too, right? Right?

Another thing I have to do to prepare for winter is to get my treadmill ready. And by ready, I mean plug it in.

Where's more cute pictures, you ask?

I'm glad to announce that high fashion is still here:

Since I changed my coat closet into a pantry, I hung this up for my jackets/hats, etc.

Unfortunately, it's hard to teach an old dog new tricks.

Ever had one of those days where you feel like biting someone's head off? Apparently, Gus did.......

Thought for the day: Why are wrinkles only cute on a shar-pei?

And for you cat lovers:

I, like all of you, have really struggled during 2020, but there is light at the end of this tunnel -- and hope. Please stay safe and wear a mask, and please vote so we can save this country.

One step at a time,


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