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Is it "Rain, rain go away" or hail, hail the gangs all here?

I'm hoping someone finds me a t-shirt that says this. :)

So last week we saw snow. Thank goodness that's over for the year. This week Hail. I saw the hail warnings one day (yes, we get weather alerts for hail) but the sky was blue....... well, I saw blue here and there. So out I went for a run. I did wear a rain jacket.

Let me interrupt here for a minute. Previous to this urge to run, my sister and I were talking (er, texting) about how I had said I couldn't wait to leave Wyoming and its snow, ice and wind because I can run in the rain in Oregon. She then asked me if I had waterproof clothes. She may or may not have meant that as shaming me - but it worked. Thanks for the motivational moment, Marcia.

Everything felt good on the run. Then because I had on my waterproof jacket and a beanie hat, I didn't really notice the beginnings of icy rain. About 3 miles from home - hail. I persevered and got in 5 miles before I ducked into my coffee shop. Actually felt pretty bad-ass. And at my age it gets harder and harder to feel that way!

Later on in the day, the hail REALLY piled up. Honest! Do they make hail shovels?

You know the weather is bad when seagulls hitch rides instead of flying.

Promises, promises.

Finn came over to play one day. He is really surprising me each time by identifying letters and counting. We will both be happy when spring comes and we can go outside more. I sang "Rain, rain go away, come again another day" while he watched the rain.

How cute are these overalls?

When he left the window, Luna took over.

And Jake never leaves his post.

We did watch the Westminster dog show one night.

If you didn't see it, you have got to watch Gabby on the agility course!

Unfortunately, poor Winky must have watched this too, and knowing she didn't have a chance, decided to go for the crowd approval.

Today was super nice out so I couldn't think of anything better than a walk on the beach. Just me and a lone fisherman.

Oh and 3 dogs.

The tide was going out which left a lot of stuff on the beach.

Now, I'm sad to say, all that stuff? That pretty colored stuff? It's plastic~!


After getting home, all 3 dogs got bathed. They put up with it. But when the hair dryer came out, Luna had nowhere to hide - so back in the tub she went!

I finally registered for another half marathon. July 27 in Utah. Timpanagos. I've been wanting to run this one for a couple of years. Can't wait. Still not sure about one before that......gotta decide soon.

Meanwhile have a great long weekend wherever you are. And keep on moving.

One step at a time,


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