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It's Great to Get Outside Again!

This has been a really nice week. Spring weather, good runs, and even an extra day with Finnegan. Last Monday as I was leaving after a fun day together, Finn was sobbing and reaching for me and calling "Nanny!!". I felt so bad, but I felt so loved. :)

So I took him again on Thursday.

I asked him if he wanted to go for a walk (meaning in the stroller) and he was all ready to run the trails.

The dogs are very happy for this spring weather, too, because they are going on almost daily hikes. One hike was through the woods to the beach. I took this picture and was going to ask you all if you knew what these were called. As they open, you can see the inside which resembles a candle.

Then a fellow dog-walker told me it has two names. The first is skunk cabbage (not my favorite) and the other is Swamp Lantern. Very cool. So either you all learned something today or you all are nodding your heads saying "we already knew that".

Today's trail was the second time we did this, this week. It is super steep and a good place to do my 'hill' workouts. Even the dogs were walking instead of running as we finished up. At least at the end was a swimming hole for them.

This week's long run was going to be a repeat of last week's 8 miles. Then after I crossed over the bridge, I decided to run down the jetty and back which would add a mile to my total run. I may or may not have added that mile because there is a nice restroom at the end of the jetty.

This is taken from the top of the bridge towards the bayfront.

After the 9 miles I stopped for my brunch. On the table next to mine someone was eating an amazing looking meal. So I, too, ordered the burrito. A far cry from my usual crustless quiche. But, oh so good! And that empty coffee cup didn't stay empty long.

Did I mention that I ran 9 miles before I ate The.Whole.Thing?

Believe it or not, I was able to run another mile afterward. While running/walking/crawling up the road towards home, it is so nice to look back and see the ocean.

This next video is put out by Nike. It is so good. I know all women and all of you with daughters will enjoy it:

Then, for all my fellow horse lovers/owners will understand this. (You know who you are)

Have any of you tried this yet? Since it has no sugar, no dairy, no gluten, no nuts... I expected to open the container and just find air! It's not quite as good as non-dairy Halo ice cream, but it's only 100 calories in a pint! Its kind of like a combination of gelato and ice cream. I've tried the salted caramel so far and its good!

Gus is very posessive of his toys.

And now as we get ready to start another week, here is something to read and remember.

One step at a time,


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