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Like A Bad Dream......

Just when you relaxed and thought I was gone for good.......I'mmmmmm baaaack!

Can we just blame it all on 2020? Yes, some of it is because of all the hell that 2020 has brought us, but it's also so much more. Have you ever read one of those lists of top stressors? Well I had 3 of the top 5. And those didn't include the pandemic or fires causing a short evacuation!

Then it was soo hard to start back. Have you ever stopped calling someone or writing someone and then the longer it gets - the harder it is to make that call? Sorta like that.

But I'm taking the first step back. Funny thing was that during my disappearing act, I continued to take photos of things I wanted to put on my blog! You've missed so much!

I moved into my new home last month. I kept thinking it's perfect and I don't have to do anything! Ha! So far - inside - I have painted one bathroom (and quickly learned that is the hardest room to paint), installed a solar blind on a sliding glass door (yea - all by myself) ,

turned a closet into a pantry (this was not easy by any means and required several conversations with son and son-in-law), and changed out all the towel bars and toilet paper holders!

A gift to me from my son-in-law was getting my deck repaired and stained. Wow! What an amazing change!

My number one goal was to get the back yard fenced in for the dogs. Right now I am walking them both twice a day and its actually a nice time. But when winter and the rains get here -- not so nice. My assignment, given to me by the 'fence guy' was to clear away any brush. Unfortunately that included bamboo. Have you EVER tried to cut down bamboo?? Now that was a job. By using a reciprocating saw, I believe I am done.

First I had to remove some pavers that I didn't know were there!

Then cutting the bamboo and stacking it.

I started the day a little less grueling. I drove to some new areas for my morning run. My running has been off. I had an ankle issue that put me off for a long time. Then it is truly like starting as a beginner. And that makes motivation a problem. From running 1/2 marathons and then hardly making 3 miles. ugh. But I'm trying!

Here are some pictures from my run in Depoe Bay (just 2-3 miles south):

Then I went up the road to Fogarty Creek park. I was hoping to find more trails than I did, but it was a nice change of pace.

Fellow runner taking a break.

Old benches never die, they just...well.....go away.

Last night's walk with Jake and Gus allowed me to see a great sunset. I wasn't sure which pic I liked best. So lucky you - you get to see all three!! :)

AND I scored a treasure !

I cannot go further without a picture of Finn and Madeline (Finn is a little over 3 and Madeline is now 6 months!

And now I shall settle back with my guys on the couch. I'm glad to be back with you - hope you are too!

One step at a time,


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