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Monday Musings and Memories

I sit here alone. It's getting darker and later at night. They are not going away. The body parts on the floor. How do I live in a house with so much violence? Why isn't it bothering me? Is it because once a detective, always a detective? I became immune to the shock of this? Maybe it's all the crime novels I read. Maybe I'm cracking up.

OK maybe I really am cracking up.

Back to reality. I am totally loving this time change and spring is here!! I've been able to run outdoors all last week and getting the dogs out for runs. I even got Durango (my horse) out for a ride on the weekend. He, unfortunately, wasn't as enthusiastic as I was.

I'm starting to up my mileage so I did 8 miles on Saturday.

I felt really strong when I finished and that made me happy. Running is truly a head game. If I go out to do 3 miles, I am so tired as I finish that last mile. Then I know on Saturday mornings, after I finish mapping out my mileage, I've got some running to do. 3 miles is just the beginning.

After my 8 miles, and a rest over coffee and breakfast, I had a mile walk THIGHS!!! Yikes. Talk about feeling the burn! Luckily it didn't last too long.

Saturday night was date night. Yep, me and Finn. Part of the time was spent coloring. He dumped out his big box of crayons and amazingly enough - not a single broken one.

Then I got to hear his new word. "OK!" Or maybe I should spell it the way he says it: OooooooKaaaaaaaay! I burst out laughing.

Spring Training has begun!

I was reading an article about the history of exercise. There was the boom of aerobics with Jane Fonda and Richard Simmons.

Is anyone old enough to remember the big vibrating straps that were supposed to jiggle off the fat? Just look how well it worked!

And who else hurt their elbows or knees or whatever with Billy Banks and his Tae Bo?

And then the fad of 'wrapping' yourself while exercising........ Now THAT looks easy and fun.

Note the instructor with her leotard, tights and high heels. :)

One of my favorite moments. No need to explain.

Oh and let's not forget today, March 18, is my son Nick's birthday. Let's all wish him a happy birthday. He is truly a wonderful man that I am incredibly proud of. He doesn't 'do' Facebook but luckily he does subscribe to my blog.

Have a wonderful week.

One step at a time,


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