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More Fun Adventures and Finally I'm Home

We had so many adventures in New York state that I needed a Part 2 to finish up! I think that my Grandchildren, Ahnika and Alistair will agree that our trip to the Wild Animal Park was the most fun. The hour-and-a-half trip to get there was a little daunting, but the kids grabbed some items to keep them occupied and a cooler of snacks and off we went.

There was just so much to see! This little guy loved laying in the sun as much as I do. I think he is smiling.

No one puts Baby in the corner (not even this baby)

But things got a little wilder....

Yep a Grizzly - up close.

His buddy was bathing. And yep, a Grizzly can be adorable in his tub.

The favorite spot for the kids was definitely the Parakeet Room. We went there twice. Armed with popsicle sticks covered with birdseed, they had a ball.

We made another friend. He walked all the way across his pen and put his head over the fence so I could pet his nose.

We had a great time and there may have been long naps on the way home. (not me).

At the end of the week, I drove to Vestal, NY, my hometown. I have been able to connect with my high school friends in the last few years and was excited to see them after all these years.

It was wonderful. Lots of talk about our lives in the last .......(fill in large number here).....years. Then talk of others that we have lost contact with, teachers from elementary through high school, and many, many laughs.

Thank you Paula, Robin and Kathy for making it possible.

And then it was Easter!

Getting ready for church in our Easter dress.

After Church we all went to a Japanese Hibachi restaurant. The kids were incredibly entertained.

The next day, some baseball practice and time at the playground.

Tuesday brought a very early trip to the airport and Sarah and the kids were headed back to school. Easter break was over.

All my flights were smooth and on time. Yay! I saw this while in line.

Do you think she noticed mine? Target brand.

The Great Salt Lake

It was a great visit, but it's still nice to make it home.

Hope you enjoy your Friday and and make your weekend a fun one.

One step at a time,


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