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My New Series: Anne's Adventures

I decided to do a short mini-blog. You know like a mini-series you love to watch. So welcome to Episode 1 . The Wait

As you may know, I am having surgery on my ankle. I decided to have it done in Vail, Colorado where I have had other surgery and I really trust them. They will be repairing a tear in a tendon as well some repair to the cartilage.

Eww, I shouldn't have looked at that. Anyway, let's move on. My flight was for Saturday, the 13th from Portland to Denver. When we started hearing about an upcoming winter storm, I decided to leave on Friday and get to a hotel right near the airport. Amanda, Joe, and Finn volunteered to help me with last minute tasks with the animals. Note: Madeline didn't help at all. She acts so helpless at 11 months.

The last 45 minutes of my drive were definitely white knuckled, but I made it safe and sound. When I say I'm close to the airport......I mean it.

Saturday's flight was cancelled in the middle of the night. They wouldn't let me change on line - I had to contact an agent either by phone or at the airport. Two hours and 25 minutes later on hold, I was talking to an agent.

Because the airport was pretty much closed, there was nothing to do but get on the same flight on Sunday. Back to the hotel for another night. $$$$$ Within hours THAT flight was cancelled. OK this isn't fun anymore. Because of COVID, the restaurant is closed, so once I got tired of M&Ms out of the machine, (don't worry, I got the peanut M&Ms for the protein) I had to walk to the nearest hotel down the road for food. Turkey Club for the win.

It's now the 14th of February (Valentines' Day for you lovers out there) and I am so BORED. Ugh. I've watched Netflix, Hulu, Snowboarding competitions, the news, the weather. You get the idea.

I ventured out to my car to make sure it will start. The kids will be picking it up for me after I leave. It started immediately, but here is how the window looked when I rolled it down:

But I actually had a 'gift' today! Deep inside my backpack, I found this:

I'm sorta embarrassed to admit how happy this made me.

I have to show you Finn's Valentine class photo. He is front center. And look at that face. I melt every time.

I'm continuing to try to be positive. I've printed out my boarding pass and luggage tag and re-scheduled my shuttle from Denver to Vail. I have to get out tomorrow or I will be calling the Dr.'s office for further instructions. I know he will be upset.

So this episode ends with a cliffhanger. Will my flight go on time tomorrow? Will I make it in time for my surgery? Will I solve the murder ....... oh sorry, wrong episode.

Keep your fingers crossed for me folks. And of course...

One step at a time,


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