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One Week Before My Race and BIG News!

Do you know the hardest part of writing a blog? Starting. Yes, it's a lot like stepping outside to go for a run. Just getting out the door is the hardest part. Plus, when I look at the blank page, at the top it says "ADD A CATCHY TITLE". Gee thanks - so much pressure.

I know some people have pools and pool boys. Well I have a stable and finally a handsome stable boy.

Here he is asking to hold my hand while meeting some of the loud neighbors.

We had fun visiting the little donkeys.

We even visited with the barn caterpillar.

While I filled the wheelbarrow, Finn loved on the new barn kitten.

And to top of the training day, of course was a visit to the outhouse. But it came after saying "are you sure you can't wait?" numerous times.

I'm only a week from my next half marathon. I'm not feeling all that good about it even though I've been keeping up with all my training. It is officially - or maybe it is just official in my mind - the rainy season. The wind seems to accompany the rain at an alarming rate. I've learned that sweatshirts double their weight when caught in a storm.

Hopefully its just nerves...

Finn says he's ready to take my bike out for a spin.

During a trip up the coast to Washington (for a cold case review with the Center for Missing and Exploited Children), I saw that someone is getting a big package.

I really tried to behave myself.

I can recommend this diet. If I'm unusually stressed in the morning, by following this I feel amazing at night.

And since we are talking about health or maybe mental health:

I have amazing news and can't believe I haven't told you before. Finn is going to have a baby sister in March. SO exciting.

Finn could either be enjoying the view of the bay or he is contemplating the news of a new baby sister.

Have a peaceful week full of laughter.

One step at a time,


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