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Random, Off the Wall, and Other Such Subjects

A few very random things today. No smooth storytelling today - just disjointed thoughts. (Welcome to my daily thoughts.)

Random happiness:

Random 5 foot tall lawn decoration:

Dog with a bad hangover:

A budding artist:

When you wake up with your buddy:

I walked down to the beach this week. I thought it was a beautiful day to either sit or walk in the sand. This is as far as I got.

The wind was so strong, I had to bend forward to walk. Nope, not fun.

So I ended up at a new (to me) coffee shop. I know you are shocked.

All I could think of when I saw this car was BubbleYum bubblegum. Do you remember that stuff? Shouldn't there be a law against a BMW in this color?

Went on a drive today south of Newport. There is a narrow jetty that we though we'd check out. We didn't get all the way out because there was sand crossing the road. This is how the homes looked:

We were awestruck! Really? That's your driveway? At least a dozen houses that were completely surrounded by sand and had their driveways either covered or partially covered.

Do you buy a sandblower? Who's job is it to shovel? Can you imagine a windy day?


On the way out, we saw this sign that made us both laugh:

How did they know? I was looking for the next sign "watery eyes".

Just something to think about:

Since it's Tuesday:

An edited version of a famous saying.

The sign on the left is just a few blocks from my house.

A million dollar idea:

And on that note, you are half-way through your workweek.

One day at a time,


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