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Running, Walking, Crashing, But I Think I'm Healing

I'm really hunting for things that will prove I am not going through Groundhog Day after day after day after day.......

Part of my 'moving on' is I've decided to change my name back to Benjamin. Do you realize what this entails? First, the lists! From Social Security Card, drivers license, credit cards, and on and on. It seems to keep me busy and I think it will for several more weeks!

About 10 days ago, I developed a sore ankle. Right around the outside ankle bone. No swelling, no bruising, and no memory of hurting it. So I would take a day off. Still hurt. Like most runners, I hated to take more than 1 or 2 days off. I was icing it but not getting better. Finally, I convinced myself to take at least a week off. Resting and doing ice massages (Thanks Laurie) and I'm almost healed. Ive decided it was running on the sand. Even though I try to run on the hard sand only, I believe it was just unstable enough to irritate my ankle.

A few area here have opened for hiking or running. So I wasn't inactive - I was still taking the dogs for a walk. I even carried my coffee mug so I wouldn't be tempted to run.... One of my walks ended up with a great view. Looking west:

And then the ocean to the West:

Of course the dogs could care less about views.

Some of my time with Durango included learning new tricks. Here we are learning to open gates. If this was a video, you would see that he is vigorously shaking his head 'no'.

Here he is much happier on the trail staring at a herd of elk.

He makes me happy when he just follows me around.. :)

Just wondering if you know.......who do I contact about this? Obviously it is a lie. Is there a customer service number, or a toll-free complaint line?

I drove up to see my sister this weekend. Jake told me he'd be right here when I got home.....

My sister from Colorado was visting too. We stopped talking when we slept - but that's about it.

The drive up the coast is always amazing.

Finn took us all fishing:

and hiking. Both of which he seemed to excel in.

Madeline prefers to hang out and check her toes.

and she laughs at my jokes...

Sand angels are fun and not cold.

So I tried something new. I bought harnesses before because they say it keeps them from pulling. Not sold on that. But today I tried this new strap that keeps the dogs walking side by side and I only use one leash. Look! It's perfect!

The next picture should actually be a video. This is what you'd see: Somewhere there is a quiet bark. Then you'd see whirling trees, then houses, then grass. Then probably some sky. Oops then dirt. End of video. The dogs are almost on top of me because their leash is wrapped so tight around my legs that they can't move. My legs are like up in the air. All I can think is "Oh God, I hope no one saw that". And then I thought wow, that landing could have gotten me a 9.8 from the Swedish judges.

I'm heading for a hot bath.... Maybe I can start running again tomorrow.....

One step at a time,


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