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Running, Walking, or even flying - just keep on moving

So much has happened and I'm so behind in my writing. I last wrote when I was heading for Wyoming to get Patient Husband moved to Oregon. I am now in NY, so it seems like I have a lot to update you with.

Step one was to get up early. No problem, we were very ready to get going. First, we decided all the plastic containers needed to go into the car.

Then on to the trailer ..... It didn't take long for us to say "Never again". Of course we have said that at every move we've made. There was one flight of stairs, and of course several squashed fingers.

We made sure we got the bikes in first -

We ended up getting done a day early. But in those couple of days we were also able to enjoy ourselves. We had a wonderful dinner with Craig and Sheri - our old neighbors and great friends. So glad we were able to share an evening.

Then, because we love breakfast, we made sure to hit our favorite breakfast spots in Sheridan.

It's now been 2 weeks and we still haven't found where we packed this mug.

Of course I did get out for a run early one morning down the empty streets of Sheridan.

I wasn't used to such flat streets, so I added some hills in by running up and down a parking ramp. (Yea, I felt somewhat silly and somewhat strong)

What about wildlife, you say?

Well there was this...

And this:

This is looking through a fence, he is not in a cage. This is a free range rabbit.

I stopped to see some friends, and we had to take care of all those last minute things like banking and change of address. Then we headed (further) west.

Due to my poor photography-while-in-a-moving-car it's hard to tell that this sign says Welcome to Montana.

There is such beauty in Western Montana.

Note how deep the snow still is

In case you've been wondering how to get there.....

This was interesting to see these unpainted planes go by:

Watching a barge on the Columbia River.

For some reason, unloading the trailer went a lot easier and faster. Mr. Finn was excited to see his Pops and spent his first morning showing off his cars and blocks and colors and numbers.

Finn is also learning to smile just right for a selfie.

Off to Corvallis for some much-needed corrective/improvement work.

And then a few days later, I was packing my bags to head to NY. I did have help. It was time to go visit my other grandchildren.

And then I was headed to the airport! In order to be in Portland 2 hrs. before my flight, we had to leave the house at 1:00 a.m.! That meant we set an alarm for 12:15. I finally fell asleep a little after 9. (are you doing the math?) Anyway, off we went at 1 a.m. and made it to the airport early. I was through security and at my gate at 4:00. That was the only time things went as planned.

It was the morning of the huge blizzard hitting Texas. I was supposed to fly to Dallas. My 5:58 flight was delayed over and over. We even got on the plane, only to get back off and wait some more. It was closing in on 11 and as you can imagine, everyone was switching flights and connections.

Finally we were in the air and headed to Dallas. Meanwhile, my son who spends a great deal of his time booking, changing and cancelling his own flights, was all over my flight predicament. When I landed, Joey had me on all new flights. All I had to do was RUN. I can do that!

By the end of the evening, I was in first class, sitting next to my son on the final leg of our flights.

I just had to show you this outfit. It was part blanket, part sleeping bag, part dress. It all added up to ....well....ugly. I wish I could have gotten a picture of her leopard print stiletto heels.

A long, long 24 hours but so worth it. Now I get to spend more than a week with these guys. We have lots of plans!

Tomorrow morning is the Boston Marathon. I'm hoping for better weather than last year for all the runners. Hopefully, now that my suitcase was delivered, I can even try my own run along the St. Lawrence River.

One step at a time,


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