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The Good News and 'the worst vacation ever'

The last week consisted of a visit by my Patient Husband, good food, six days of hard rain, the last remnants of a lingering cold, and overhearing Patient Husband mutter "This is the worst vacation ever".

"How dare he?", you ask? Well..... To start with he arrived with a kidney stone (and we later found out there were two). The very first morning found us at the E.R.

This is an actual photo taken of his expression

That visit led to an appointment with a specialist in Corvallis, and that led to an early morning surgery on Friday morning.

In between these visits and painkillers, we were able to check out some properties for sale and some restaurants we wanted to try. We did find some good restaurants, we didn't find any real estate we liked. This was a nice breakfast spot on the bayfront.

Yes that is a drenching rain you see out the windows

Finn and I showed our great aquarium to Patient Husband.

I found a new running trail along the bay...

When I drove Patient Husband to the Airport Shuttle this morning, it was 51º and blue skies - of course.

And now I am home with my 3 dogs and ready to get back to my running and workout routine. I find that now when I go several days without running - I really don't feel as good.

Are you ready for some good news? My coaches - Angie and Kevin Brown ran the Key West Half Marathon on Sunday. Kevin WON it!

Key West Half Marathon & 5K Run Yesterday at 2:38 PM · Congratulations to our 1st place winner in the Half Marathon, KEVIN BROWN with a time of 1:15:19.0! Photo by Conchtastic

They are really great people. Check them out at Real Life Runners.

Have a great 'short' week. And if you feel alone or a little down in the dumps, always remember this:

One step at a time,


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