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The World Traveler, ok the cross country traveler, is home

I had ten fun and very busy days in New York with my son, daughter-in-law and two grandchildren.

This is how I looked every night (but don't tell the grandkids).

One of our first days started with a trip to a 'bouncy house'. Bounce, run, bounce and repeat.

Then a quick trip to the arcade next door. And what a crazy, loud experience that was! Then after a brief refueling period, it was Dumbo for the win.

Meanwhile, back at home their Mom and Dad had been working hard on re-doing the playroom. Lots of sanding, repairing and taping. Someone's little feet just had to see what that dust felt like.

These two are very creative and have a perfect table for them to work on.

I did get out for some runs. Flat runs! This town is right on the St. Lawrence Seaway. How cool is this? Across the river? Canada!

This is a town that perfectly fits the caption of "small town America".

One run was to the lighthouse and back

One of Ahnika's favorite shows is a kid's yoga. She assured me that if I wanted to do it too, I didn't have to do every move because, 'you know,'re old'. Nana jumped right in and did EVERY move. :). Namaste

Ahnika and I also did some major wall sanding....

The kids decided it was Superhero Night.

Even superheroes love a good book.

I was hoping for a full-face mask.....

We had several game nights. This was a brand new game. Apparently cheating at Monopoly is a thing.

Working hard at her new (antique) desk. Doesn't it fit perfectly?

We had an amazing warm, sunny day so we spent some of it outside doing exactly what you are supposed to do on days like this.

I was given a pair of sunglasses to wear. I think I was rockin' them, don't you?

I hope you've been rockin' your week.

One step at a time,


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