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Have you heard the song 'Is there life out there?' - I believe by Reba McEntire. Well guess what? There is! I had a very nice Memorial Day weekend and I hope you all did too. I got to enjoy the Hood River area on the back of a motorcycle, hiking and sitting on the banks.

So lucky to have warm, sunny weather, too. On the way home to the coast Monday afternoon, I was happy to see that everyone else was leaving the coast.

For the last couple of weeks I've been attending our Search and Rescue Academy 3 times a week. I am learning so much.

I know it's officially summer now. My favorite season. But I had no idea how the temps were heating up!

We had several celebrations this past month. First we had a celebration for Amanda. She was appointed by the Governor as a Circuit Court Judge. She is so deserving of this position. The fact that she asks us to stand when she gets home and to call her Your Honor seems like a lot, don't you think? Should it be Your Honor Mommy? Or Mommy, Your Honor?

Between that and Amanda's birthday, there were a lot of sweets at her home. Madeline had no problem climbing to get what she wanted.

And, really, when you see that face............

Alistair and Ahnika, way across the country, are excelling on their ball teams.

I have never been a gardener but I was thrown into it when I bought this house. So many things blooming!

I have actually started back running. My ankle is doing fine - no pain. My cardio? Ugh. It's soooo hard. But at least I'm back on the streets. Wait, that doesn't sound right.....

Don't you think these are the legs of a future ballerina?

Hmmmm. Well at least they stay on their side of the bed.


Do you have to wonder why I take so many pictures ?

And now some random photos during my runs and hikes.

And when I decide to stay home and just put my feet up, I've always got company.

I hope you are getting outdoors in some way. It improves your world.

One step at a time,


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